How Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Different From a Wrongful Death Claim?


Taking on a case involving death claims is very emotionally exhaustive. Therefore, the attorneys must be competent enough to carry the legal proceedings alongside the emotional burden experienced by the families.

Though personal injury and wrongful death claims require legal assistance, they are slightly different.

Wrongful Death Claims

Legal Background

If you do not understand the particulars regarding wrongful death, the lawyer you hire must do.

However, the legal system defines wrongful death as a failure to behave otherwise if proposed by common prudence in the same situation.

Negligence usually occurs when a party acts carelessly without cause, harming the person or property.

Negligence is covered in mostly all law niches and studies and is considered the bedrock of wrongful death.

A competent lawyer understands the difference between the types of negligence and how to move forward with the case.

Legal Options 

The wrongful death lawyers propose the following options regarding proving the negligence performed by the defendant.

These include:


The circumstances in which the personal injury or wrongful death occurred.


The lack of actions that resulted in the wrongful death


The actions that caused the damage either directly or indirectly.


The actual damage faced by the person is based on previous actions.

The next process involves either filing an appeal or refile the case with a new lawyer. The lawyer’s job is to prove the liability based on the parameters mentioned above.

If the lawyer is unsuccessful in doing so, the case becomes invalid.

Qualities in a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Our deepest sympathies on losing a dear one to wrongful death! You want more than ever for the responsible party to be declared accountable. But where to begin and whom to hire?

We have collected a list of qualities you must look for in a lawyer to get justice for the deceased.


The families or closed ones of the deceased are overtaken by grief and sadness. Therefore, it is vital that the lawyer comes forward and presents a compassionate perspective that bonds the client and them together.

The lawyer must guide the client through grief and represent them to the best of their capabilities.


The wrongful death claim is considered a subform of personal injury law. Not all lawyers likely have experience in both or either type of injury law.

An experienced lawyer will know how to lead the case while helping the client understand the concepts behind his strategies. 

The wrongful death attorney in Charlottesville, VA, will help you guide whether or not the death constitutes a wrongful death.

If it does, the lawyer will guide you through the progress and communicate efficiently with the client.

Personal Character

A lawyer must not act superior nor have the clients run around in circles with paralegals and assistants. A competent wrongful death lawyer is approachable whenever requested by the client.

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Though he will inquire about the clients, he must also practice boundaries.

If you wish to experience prompt and accessible communication, hire a smaller firm whose aim is to communicate individually with the clients.

You must be able to trust the lawyer. If you see the lawyer is misleading you or not answering your questions to satisfaction, immediately terminate the contract.

A lawyer is honest and upfront in meetings with clients. He will not taint their reputation and will not act on hearsay involving their client.


The best assessment of a lawyer’s competency is to assess the words coming out of their mouth. You will see that an experienced lawyer presents options based on case laws and previous experiences.

The lawyer understands the seriousness of the situation involving wrongful death. If you cannot find a lawyer that expresses these competencies, ask for a recommendation from friends or family.

Above all, look for a lawyer with experience and a good reputation among legal colleagues.

Work Ethic

You would also want to hire a lawyer that has a good reputation with the court and coworkers. It helps develop ways the lawyer can assist your case inside the court.

Before you hire an attorney, understand their working of ways and how it will affect you. Of course, they cannot share previous client experiences because of confidentiality.

However, a quick online search is sometimes exactly what you need to cement your decision. Assess the lawyers’ competency based on initial consultation.

You can also observe their behavior to get an idea of how they work.

Which Causes Are Categorized Under Personal Injury?

Suffering from any injury is devastating. However, a long-term injury can be specifically annoying. It accumulates medical bills, results in wage loss, and pain and emotional suffrage are still unaccountable.

If you have been suffering from an injury that can be compensated with the legal system, hire a personal injury lawyer to lead you through the process.

These are qualified individuals who will ensure you receive maximum compensation for the injuries sustained.

Following are some of the scenarios that come under the umbrella of a personal injury lawyer. 


The term involves collisions between two auto traveling means of transportation. When we talk about vehicular accidents, it encompasses car accidents, bus accidents, and bicycle accidents.

It is time to contact a lawyer as soon as you find yourself in this situation.

Let’s talk about deadlines. Insurance agents and lawyers are on a strict schedule to present their cases to the court.

The lawyers must arrive before the insurance agent preserves any evidence. Therefore, a competent personal injury lawyer helps you overcome any challenges you may face from the beginning of the accident.

Property Damage

Property owners are obligated to safeguard their property from foreign interference. They must ensure who enters the premises with their permission, be it a plot of land, house, or business.

The owner must do everything in their power to protect the property from being hurt or damaged. Thus, the degree of damage depends on the assailant, whether it was a guest or a trespasser.

Defective Products

Consumer protection laws protect the customers from ill-use and severe side effects experienced after product use.

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However, even with strict regulations, faulty products still have a way of reaching the shelves in front of customers.

Assuming you have interacted with a defective product, it is time to call a personal injury lawyer.

Kendall Law Firm will present you with the legal options and how the manufacturer could be held responsible for selling, designing, or manufacturing the product.

Suppose the lawyer is experienced in battling faulty product use cases. In that case, they will know the route to hold the manufacturer liable and earn maximum compensation.

Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice results when a patient is injured or treated based on the wrong diagnosis. These faults usually occur when the clinics refuse to provide the quality of care as promised.

As a result, the doctors and nurses and the practice in artificial capacity are held accountable. Most probable causes of malpractice include wrong administration of drugs, anesthesia miscalculations, and errors in surgery.

These cases are incredibly complex and technical to follow through. Therefore, you need help from an experienced lawyer who will cover all the bases before presenting to the court.

It is further complicated since the party wrongly needs to prove the medical staff caused the injury.

Assault Victims

All types of assaults are considered crimes. The aggrieved party may opt to bring the perpetrator to justice by filing a civil lawsuit against them.

The reason for a civil lawsuit is to receive compensation for the physical or emotional injuries sustained.

The compensation figure must accommodate medical bills, loss of income, and property damage, if any. The accused would also need to pay for therapy or rehabilitation services if required.

Since assault of any kind, especially sexual assault, comes with a great deal of shame and anxiety, the lawyers usually tread carefully.

However, sooner or later, the injured must face their fears of openly mentioning the sequence of events.

Worker Compensation

Workers get injured while performing their jobs. When it happens, they are entitled to worker compensation to recover and not worry about loss of income.

In a system where everyone is insured with monthly payments, it does not guarantee an insurance payout.

Most of the time, the insurance company will reject the claim or offer a minimum amount. While other times, the employer will portray an image of the injuries outside the work boundary.

A personal injury lawyer is required to negotiate on their behalf and receive the compensation to pay for medical expenses, wages, and disability. 

Which Lawyer to Hire?

Any accident leaves a lasting impression. However, the trauma can be minimized by hiring a competent lawyer.

Consult an experienced and well-respected lawyer today to assist you in wrongful death and personal injury claims.

Remember to speak to a few lawyers to attain a consensus of opinions. It is always wise to get a second or a third opinion. It helps you understand where the legal matters stand. 

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