How To Change Snooze Time On An iPhone?


If you want to know how to change the snooze time on an iPhone, this article is for you. Even though Apple doesn’t let you change the default snooze time, there are various ways to change your iPhone snooze time. In this article, I will teach you how to shorten or lengthen the snooze time on your iPhone.

There is no option to adjust the snooze time with the Clock app on the iPhone. But it is possible to overcome this problem by setting multiple alarms at snooze intervals of your choosing. Ensure the snooze function is off so that you have no alarms and snoozes simultaneously.

Methods to Change Snooze Time on an iPhone

Following are some of the easiest methods to change the snooze time on an iPhone.

Method 1: Use Third-Party Alarm Clocks

Apps developed by third parties can provide customized snooze alarms, disabling Apple’s alarm clock completely. Check out some popular third-party alarm clock apps to see how to change the snooze time.

  • First, you will need to install any reliable third-party alarm clock from the App Store. I would recommend downloading the Progressive Alarm Clock.
  • After downloading the app, select options.
  • Tap on Snooze Time to set the alarm.
  • Set the Snooze Time according to your preferences.

Other than Progressive Alarm Clock, you can try various other Clock apps such as Sleep Cycle to achieve the desired outcome.

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With Sleep Cycle, you can keep track of each night’s sleep using patented sound technology built into the alarm. It contains many sophisticated features, and one of them is the ability to adjust the snooze time.

  • After downloading the Sleep Cycle App, tap the Profile option at the bottom of the app.
  • Tap More in the Settings menu.
  • Next, tap Snooze under Alarm.
  • Tap Regular, then select the interval of time that you prefer.

Method 2: Set Multiple Alarms

You can set snooze intervals for each alarm with different alarms as desired. Your current alarm must first be off before you can achieve this. Follow the steps to do so.

  • Click the Alarm icon at the bottom of the Clock app, and tap the + button to add an alarm.
  • You can choose your preferred time to wake up, such as 6 A.M.
  • Tap Save after disabling the Snooze function.
  • Then tap the + button again to set a new alarm for 6:04 A.M. Turn off Snooze and click Save.


In the Clock app for the iPhone, it is not possible to adjust the snooze time. However, if you wish to overcome this problem, you can set several alarms at snooze intervals of your choice. Don’t use the snooze function to avoid having alarms and snoozes simultaneously. 

You can use an alarm clock app on your iPhone if you do not wish to set multiple alarms to adjust your snooze time. You can find various free alarm clock apps on the App Store, from those that offer custom snooze times.

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