How To Effectively Advertise In Memphis


Memphis Tennessee is a loved tourist destination famous for it’s incredible BBQ, beautiful natural sites, and unique, southern hospitality. The city itself is the second largest city in Tennessee and has an impressive population of 651,088 people.

Not only that, but an average of 10 million people visit Memphis annually. If you have been wondering how to successfully advertise in Memphis, here is everything that you need to know! 

Why You Should Consider OOH Media For Memphis Tennessee

When it comes to creating effective advertisements and pulling off a successful marketing campaign in the city of Memphis, one of the top options you should be looking at is OOH media. OOH stands for Out Of Home, and it represents a wide variety of outdoor advertisement styles.

The most famous form of OOH media that is instantly recognizable is a billboard, however, there are several forms of OOH media that you can choose from. For example, you can place advertisements in bus shelters, or on public benches throughout a city.

There are also wallscapes that can be strategically placed on buildings that garner a lot of attention. While there are a lot of options, billboards have historically still been one of the top options for marketing campaigns because they simply work. 

A Memphis billboard is a cost-effective way to reach a huge audience. In fact, the median impressions for a billboard in Memphis is an astounding 678,493,232 based on a four-week campaign run. This is an enormous amount of impressions that one billboard can have on average, which makes it one of the most cost-effective methods of expanding brand recognition.

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Not only that, but billboards also bring a certain sense of legitimacy to brands that use them, based on the fact that the most famous and well-loved, and trusted brands in the world have used this method of marketing. When people see a billboard, there is a certain sense of trust and familiarity that is hard to find in other forms of advertisement. 

Billboards and OOH media have lasted the test of time and even in the digital age continue to be popular options for marketing campaigns based on the simple fact that they are effective and work! This is impressive if you think about the fact that so much of modern-day commerce, entertainment, and even social experience, has moved to a digital platform. 

What Locations Should You Be Looking At?

Location is one of the most important aspects of a successful OOH media marketing campaign. While OOH media is a very cost-effective way to share a brand on a massive level, one of its drawbacks is that it’s weak in being able to specifically target a particular audience.

This kind of advertisement relies on mass exposure to potential customers and the most people that interact with a billboard or another form of OOH media, the better. That being said, brands can be strategic when it comes to placement.

Yes, anyone who is on a particular highway will see a billboard that is stationed there, however, there are certain locations that narrow down the demographic. For example, sports arenas, or large shopping centers allow for more pointed advertisement as brands that sports lovers or shoppers can utilize their billboards with more effectiveness. 

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Universities, colleges, and airports also provide a unique placement that can help to hone in on a more specific demographic. Another benefit to choosing your location for a billboard or OOH media advertisement is that you can be flexible in the budget here.

The more impressions or the more visible, a location is typically the higher the premium will be. If you are working with a smaller budget, then using a less premium placement might be necessary; however, with a billboard in Memphis, any kind of placement will still get you a good amount of exposure. 

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Make Sure Your Message Is Clear

If you have never used OOH media, it’s good to remember that clarity is king when it comes to designing your billboard campaign. The simple truth is that most people will only spend a few moments observing a billboard or some form of OOH media, and in that time your advertisement needs to pique a lot of interest. 

If a billboard doesn’t have a clearly understandable message, it may be confusing or hard for a potential customer to connect with. That being said, a billboard does need to focus on grabbing enough attention to make an impact. This means using bright colors, eye-catching graphics, and maybe even upgrading to a digital screen in order to grab that attention.


Creating a successful advertisement in Memphis by using a billboard may be more achievable than you thought. If you are trying to successfully market in this popular Tennessee city, billboards and OOH media is a great options to take into consideration. 

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