How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers


How to see missed calls from blocked numbers is a well-searched term by iOS and Android users. When you block a number, you don’t want to communicate with that contact. However, although you block a number to stop seeing someone’s calls, it’s normal to get curious. Let’s see if you can see these missed calls and how.

Whether you see missed calls from a blocked number depends on your device. iPhones will generally not show you missed calls from blocked contacts. However, if you use multiple iOS devices, you may see missed calls from a blocked number on one of them. Some android phones like Xiaomi and Samsung will block a number but notify you of these rejected calls. 

What Happens When You Block Someone from Calling You?

It’s possible to block a number from the network level or from your phone settings. You may block someone accidentally, because you don’t like them, or they are a disturbance. Blocked contacts cannot reach you when they call, no matter how much they try. You may not get their missed call notifications, unlike when others call you and their logs appear in the call history.

However, sometimes you block a number temporarily because you are busy. In such cases, it’s essential to know how to see missed calls from such blocked numbers. Note that blocked contacts do not know they are on your blocked list when calling you. Therefore, if you need to know whether a blocked number tried to contact you, try asking them.

Sometimes, when a blocked contact tries to call you, the call goes to voicemail where they can leave a message. Therefore, your voicemail inbox is another place to check whether a blocked contact has called you. And if you block someone through your carrier network, you can check for their missed call on your phone bill statement. Any call made to your phone will always appear on your bill statement whether or not you’ve blocked the contact.

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What Can You Do to Avoid Blocking Calls?

If you are wondering how to see missed calls, it means you need another way to avoid calls. One way is by using your “do not disturb” option. That will enable you to avoid calls from someone at a specific time but access notifications about it later.

If you have multiple devices connected to a network, you may see missed calls from one. For example, you could block someone on your iPhone and check your MacBook for their missed calls when you are ready. You may also block a contact on android devices such as Tecno that sends these calls to a blocked call section.


How to see missed calls from blocked numbers is as easy as blocking contacts and get notifications. Some examples are voice mail, the “do not disturb” option, or unblocking someone on another device. Use these ideas to keep your options open the next time you block a contact.

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