How to Target Facebook Ads to Fans of a Competitor Page

How to Target Facebook Ads to Fans of a Competitor Page

Advertisements are the best tools for businesses around the world.

They are like a charm that brings the best customers and helps grow the business by many folds.

This is what the social media industry capitalizes on.

Millions of people use social media platforms to connect with their friends, make new ones and have a fun time.

Brands leverage this to market their products by growing a community of people who show an interest in their niche.

Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest allow brands to operate their businesses on the platform.

They provide you with the best tools to analyze the audience and advertise your products to potential customers.

There are many aspects of advertising on social media platforms that reward businesses. Facebook leads the way with its advertisement features.

It’s the largest social media platform in the world, and brands use this opportunity to advertise and sell on the platform.

But this isn’t simple. This is because you need the best strategies to achieve maximum results, else you’ll only burn your money.

One such strategy that people/brands use is targeting the fans of their competitors’ pages.

This helps in getting exposed to an audience who loves your niche and provides an opportunity to convert them into your fans and eventually customers.

So, how to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page? Well, this is what we will discuss today.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the question: How to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page.

Let’s get started…

Find the Target Pages


Well, the first step in the venture of targeting the competitors’ fans is finding the competitor pages.

Most people think this is simple. But it isn’t because you can’t just think of a page and start targeting it.

You need to target pages that post content and sell products as you do. This ensures you are targeting users who are relevant to your business and hence can become potential customers.

How can you do this?

There are many methods you can follow to find the pages to target.

The first one is to log into your Facebook account and type keywords relevant to your brand/page.

This will give you a list of pages that operate in your niche. You can click on them to gather more information and add some to your list.

The second method is to visit a competitor page and click on the option “Pages Liked by This page”. Now, this helps you find more pages. You can even click on the option “Related Pages”.

The best thing about social media platforms is you can use one to grow your audience on another. In simple words, you can use platforms like Instagram and YouTube to find competitor pages on Facebook.

All you have to do is open YouTube and type relevant keywords in the search box. YouTube will show you the top-performing videos, and you can search for their creators on Facebook. 

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Finally, you can look around. Say you are an online grocery store or sell merchandise, you can always google relevant terms and find the best brands ranking in the search results.

Then, search for their Facebook page.

Viola! Now, you have a list of competitor pages you can target.

But you mustn’t get carried away with every page you find. This is because you can make an impact targeting a few.

Hence, filter the list and choose the most relevant ones.

Split Testing

Say you have a list of 20 competitor pages you want to target. You might expect to get a hold on a massive audience, but this isn’t the case.

This is because you have to find the most profitable audience and target them.

How can you do this?

You can do this by split testing. This is an excellent feature that divides the audience into non-overlapping groups.

Facebook allows you to test your advertisements on these audience groups and tells you the cost per result for each advertisement set. You need to target the audience with the set havin least cost per result.

You can do this by using your Ads Manager account. Navigate to the dashboard and hit the Create button. Select the campaign aim after clicking on Quick Creation Workflow.

Now, switch on the split test option and select the number of audiences. Set a name for each advertisement set and click on Ad sets under Ad Set level.

Now, edit them by setting the daily budget. Finally, schedule your ads and create the ad content.

This will help you find the most profitable audience. You can use this data to target and do more splits throughout your sales funnel.

Page Insights

There are many reasons brands love Facebook Advertisements.

You get a plethora of advanced features that make your life easy by providing you the best information.

One such feature is, you can click on your competitor’s page from the Audience Insights dashboard to find the content that’s resonating with the audience.

How can you find this?

You can do this by analyzing the content. On the left side of your competitors’ page, you will find their content divided into many categories. Click on the links to understand the engagement better.

This will tell you what type of content is working on the audience. Now, you can use this in your strategies to attract the same audience to your page.

Hence, page insights play a critical role in creating the most profitable strategies.

Create Advertisements


The last piece of the puzzle is to create specific advertisements for the competitor’s fanbase. You have the information in your bag to develop the best content for the fans. 

How can you do this?

Facebook allows you to capitalize on interest-based audiences.

The “interest” feature of the advertisement process helps you achieve this.

All you need to do is select the name of your competitor. Now, you can target audiences that are like your competitors’.

This is an excellent tool because you can use it to create custom audiences whose interests align with your goals. By doing this, you will grow gradually and make loyal fans.

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There you have it. Now, you know all about how to target Facebook ads to fans of a competitor page.

You also know a stepwise process to create relevant advertisements to target the most profitable audiences.

The only thing you need to take care of is executing each step carefully to avoid wasting resources on people who aren’t relevant to your business.

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