How to Tell a Recruiter You Are Not Interested in A Position

How to Tell a Recruiter You Are Not Interested in A Position

Getting email and phone calls from recruiters is exciting. When you need a job, offers from recruiters can boost your mood with the possibility of landing one.

But this is where most people fall into the trap of not measuring some critical aspects of the position they get offered and simply accept it.

Why is this a trap?

This is because most people get driven by the money-earning aspect of jobs. They don’t actually see if a job fits into their profile or how much it is going to help them build a better resume.

But sometimes, even if you have measured all the aspects and are sure of turning down an offer, you simply don’t know how to do it.

How can you politely decline a job offer without burning bridges? Today, we are going to discuss ways to tell a recruiter you are interested in a posting. 

Never Beat Around the Bush, Come to The Point


One of the best tactics you can implement to turn down recruiters is directly telling them why you aren’t interested in the position.

This is because when you approach the actual point from distinct angles, it is highly likely you would get tangled with words and situations.

Recruiters have tons of experience, and they know how to answer questions asked by jobseekers. What if you are trying your best to tell them the reason but end up in a position where you get stuck? 

This is where you can no longer turn down the offer, at least not without offending them. Hence, you must come to the point without beating around the bush.

Courtesy Is the Key

Jobseekers go through many troubles to find a job that can help them grow. This is true for recruiters as well. They do all the tough work to find you for a job position. Hence, ghosting them isn’t a wise choice.

Most people think if they simply ignore the offers, they’ll skip the tough part of turning down the recruiters.

But it is not an effective way. This is because when you ghost a recruiter, you ignore them and ruin your chances of getting more offers from them.

Hence, choose an effective solution to tackle this issue. You can simply send them a message, briefly explaining why you don’t want the job.

Talking Is the Key


What if the job position caught your attention, but there are a few aspects of it you want to change?

If this is the case, talking about these aspects with the recruiters can help you reach a position from where you can take a calculated decision. Say you need a more generous salary.

You can tell them how your skill-set is going to fulfil the position and ask them the salary you expect. This is a great tactic to discuss what you want from the job. 


There you have it. Now, you know how to tell a recruiter you aren’t interested in a position. Recruiters never want to put you in a tough position.

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They want to find the best employee for the position. Hence, staying forward with your reasons and talking about modifying certain aspects is the best way to pass the message.

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