How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On An iPhone?


If you see your iPhone screen dimming frequently, you might query, “how to turn off sleep mode on an iPhone?”. You can save the battery with the sleep mode, but you may find it frustrating when trying to do some tasks for a more extended period. So, how can I turn it off?

Turning off the sleep mode on an iPhone involves a few simple steps. You will need to open the settings and select Accessibility to do so. Then you will need to select Display and Text Size. There you will find the option to turn off and on the sleep mode.

Methods to Turn off Sleep Mode on an iPhone

Previously, the Bedtime Mode was available but replaced by Sleep Mode. In addition to Do Not Disturb and Work, Sleep Mode is one of several focus options on the iPhone. 

Other than dimming the screen, it also suppresses the display of notifications on the lock screen. There are two methods you can use to turn off the sleep mode.

Method 1: Turn off Sleep Mode Directly

 If you set up Sleep Mode and then reset it each morning, it will turn off automatically based on your settings. Additionally, you can do so manually from your iPhone. 

The Control Center or your iPhone lock screen will allow you to turn it off. Follow the given steps to turn off sleep mode directly.

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  • Click the Dismiss button on the iPhone’s lock screen.
  • Now you have to press the bed icon.
  • Make sure you enter your PIN if it asks.
  • Press the Sleep button.
  • It will immediately disable the Sleep Mode.

Method 2: Turn off Sleep Mode Through Control Center

Additionally, you can turn off the Sleep Mode from the Control Center. The steps to doing so are as follows:

  • Go to the Control Center and open it.
  • You can access the Control Center from the top right corner of the iPhone X and later by swiping down. If you are using an iPhone 8 or an Apple Watch, swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards to open the Control Center.
  • Tap the sleep button.
  • The Sleep icon will change to Focus, which indicates that Sleep Mode is now off.


In general, Sleep Mode’s purpose is to keep you from being distracted while you sleep. You can also use Wind Down to prepare for bed by turning on Sleep Mode a bit early and limiting the number of apps you can access. 

You can select which apps to allow to prevent access to apps that may prevent you from using your iPhone during this time. You need to follow a few simple steps to turn off your iPhone sleep mode. You can turn off the iPhone sleep mode in two ways. 

You can turn off the sleep mode directly or via the Control Center on the iPhone. Both the direct and Control Center method to turn off the sleep mode have been discussed in this article.

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