7 Reasons To Get The Samsung Galaxy S24


Whether you’re looking for a reason to get the new Samsung Galaxy S24 or you’ve already decided and want some reassurance, here’s why this phone is a great investment.

1. It’s Built With Tougher Glass

If you were wondering about the anti-glare display on the Galaxy S24, it’s because the glass is made from Corning Gorilla Armor, which is the most scratch-resistant glass on the market.

Many people thought this was just a marketing line, but the glass has been thoroughly tested and it is, in fact, highly scratch-resistant.

Although the glass is harder to scratch and doesn’t get those grooves you see with normal glass, it’s still important to protect your phone with a durable, rugged case, like the Unicorn Beetle PRO.

Having a quality case will make your phone less likely to shatter or become scratched from accidental drops and impacts.

Its Built With Tougher Glass

2. There Are Cool AI Features

The new Galaxy S24 lineup comes with some impressive AI features. One of the coolest AI features is called Circle to Search, which allows you to hold down the home button and circle anything on the screen, which triggers a Google search for whatever you’ve circled.

Another useful feature is the real-time language translation for texts and voice calls.

For instance, you can be on a call with someone who speaks a different language, and your phone will translate both ends of the call into any desired language in real-time.

For text messages, the translation tools are right on the screen, so it’s easy to use.

If you need help composing messages, there’s a built-in AI feature called Magic Compose that will make suggestions when you’re writing emails and text messages.

This is especially helpful when you want to word something in a more formal, respectful way and can’t find the right words. You can even ask it to create lyrical messages for you if you’re feeling creative.

If you’re into fun images, you can use AI to edit your images, swap faces, and add silly elements to your photos. With the generative edit feature, you can remove entire objects from a photo, too.

3. The Battery Lasts Much Longer Than Usual

All of the S24 models – the regular, Pro, and Ultra – have larger-than-usual batteries.

The standard model has a 4,000-mAh battery, the Plus comes with a 4,900-mAh battery, and the Ultra boasts a 5,000-mAh battery.

If you care about your battery life and don’t want to keep charging your phone frequently, that’s a good enough reason to get the Samsung Galaxy S24.

4. The S-Pen Is Magical

You’ve probably had at least one phone with a stylus, or maybe you’ve used a stylus on a tablet.

If so, you know how they usually work – they’re basically just extensions of your finger that provide a more accurate connection to the screen.

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That’s not how the Samsung S-Pen works. Although it can be used as a standard stylus, it’s far more than that.

With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can use the included stylus to remotely control your device.

For instance, clicking and holding certain buttons on the S-Pen and then moving it in a specific pattern can trigger your device to go back or forward on the screen, and more. This is a pretty magical feature.

pexels sahil captures 15926048

5. The Screen Goes To The Edge

This might not be a big deal to some, but for others, it’s huge. The screen on all the devices in the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup extends all the way to the edge.

This means there’s no wasted space and you can use your S-Pen all the way to the edges of the screen in any direction.

It’s a small, but aesthetically-pleasing element that might sway your decision in favor of the S24.

6. It’s A Samsung

No doubt, there are hardcore Samsung fans who can’t wait to get their hands on each new model released, and the S24 is no exception.

If you’re a Samsung fan, that’s reason enough to get an S24. The Android operating system has always been powerful, and the user interface is user-friendly and efficient.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first smartphone – Samsung devices are extremely easy and pleasant to use.

7. You Need A New Phone

Hands down, if you need a new phone, the Galaxy S24 is a great choice. Why not get something that will last for a long time, and can give you all the best AI features you didn’t know you needed?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Is Worth The Investment

While the cost of the S24 lineup is a little high, it’s worth the investment. When it comes to the tech you use every day, you can’t put a price tag on reliability, durability, and convenience.

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