Is Shoebacca Legit? (2024)

Is Shoebacca Legit?

If you wear the right shoes, you will feel free, confident, and a bit sexy as well.

In this article, we will look into a particular brand called Shoebacca and will answer the question – is Shoebacca legit?

Now, let us learn more about this brand. 

What Is Shoebacca?

Before we learn is Shoebacca legit? We first need to know more about the brand.

Shoebacca is a shoe company that was founded in 2002 by Robert and Marc Schlachter and was originally an eBay reseller of shoes. In 2007, the company turned into a full-fledged e-commerce platform. 

The brand is focused on providing the best quality footwear at very affordable prices.

Today, Shoebacca is known to sell a wide range of popular brands like Converse, Skechers, New Balance, Reebok, Adidas, and Puma.

The company’s headquarters are in Texas. Overall, Shoebacca believes in providing help to its customers and their families who need help to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Shoebacca: What Kind Of Company Is It?


As mentioned previously, Shoebacca is an online shoe store that will sell you high-quality shoes from renowned brands at very affordable prices. You will find some of the best sneakers and shoes for both men and women. 

Shoebacca is all about helping its customers find the right products at very affordable rates.

Additionally, the company also offers a 110% price guarantee, which is quite unique and cannot be found on other similar platforms. Shoebacca is also known to provide 10% discounts from time to time. 

As for now, Shoebacca only sells its products to customers from the US. If you are a student, you will be offered an additional 10% discount.

The brand also has a great 365-day return policy and free shipping. All these factors ensure that you are satisfied with the shopping experience. 

Apart from the official Shoebacca website, the company is also known to be very active on its other social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can also read customer reviews from customers on the social media pages and also check all the latest and/or upcoming giveaways and offers. 

Is Shoebacca Known To Sell Fake Shoe Brands?


It is understandable why people ask this question – is Shoebacca legit – because the prices are very affordable.

However, if you want to learn more about the legitimacy of the platform, you can take a look at the customer reviews.

Most of the reviews are positive and are written by satisfied and happy customers. In most cases, people talk about the company’s discounts. 

Shoebacca has also managed to rank high in various prominent review platforms. A handful of negative reviews only talks about the site sending shoes of the wrong size.

At times, people have also complained about Shoebacca sending defective or damaged products. 

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Overall, apart from very few negative reviews, the brand has received many more positive ones.

From these reviews, we can understand that the company is indeed a legitimate one. Even the best brands can make mistakes at times. 


Now, let us learn about some products that you can find at Shoebacca:

Puma CELL Alien OG Sneakers for Men

The Puma CELL sneakers for men are one of the top-selling products on Shoebacca. The shoes are available in two color schemes – the sulfur/galaxy blue and the fluo/alert orange.

When you look at the shoes, they will rub into your nostalgia and remind you of the late 1990s. 

These sneakers are made of leather and suede and have a mesh overlay. You will get good traction, thanks to the textured rubber. Overall, you will feel secure and nice wearing the shoes. 

Puma California Casual Sneakers

Yet another top-selling product by Puma at Shoebacca, this pair of sneakers is popular for its casual and cool design.

The sneakers are made of leather with a rubber outsole. The shoes have a lot of cushioning so that you will not feel uncomfortable. 

Overall, the style of these shoes will remind you of the laid back attitude of California. While the shoes are mostly sold for $35, their original price was $70. 

ASICS Gel Contend 5

This pair of sneakers by ASICS is the perfect pair for low-mileage runners. This pair of shoes is available in six colors. It is made of mesh and is fitted with a laminate mid cage for additional support. 

As for support for the feet, this shoe makes use of gel technology and also has an outsole made of protective rubber.

It is also fitted with a replaceable sock liner for people who have orthotics. The pricing is quite affordable as well. 

Rihanna Suede Creeper Sneakers

This is a great pair of shoes for women and is a collaboration between Rihanna and Puma.

The shoes are available in yellow color and have a very thick sole for extra traction and grip. This shoe also helps provide extra height. 

In fact, this pair of shoes is so popular that it gets sold out very quickly.

While it is a bit expensive, Shoebacca does keep the low-end shoes as well. This is a great pair of shoes for women who have a very hectic and fast-paced lifestyle. 

Delivery Time And Shipping Cost

As previously mentioned, Shoebacca is known to offer free shipping to all its customers in the US.

The company has joined hands with UPS as its shipping partner; UPS is considered one of the top logistics and delivery companies in the world today.

Thanks to the free shipping, you can expect the products to reach your doorsteps in less than five business days. 

Of course, customers are also provided with various other delivery options. For instance, if you would like your delivery to arrive the next business day, you can opt for Rush Shipping (UPS Next Day Air).

As for shipping in less than the standard five business days, you can also opt for Expedited Shipping. However, all these shipping options will be added to your overall cost. 

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Of course, Shoebacca does everything in its power to deliver your products fast.

However, the process can become quite lengthy, particularly during the holidays or some unforeseen circumstances.

As for now, the shipping is only available for US-based customers, not for international destinations. 


As mentioned previously, Shoebacca offers a wide range of shoes from different high-end brands like Timberland, Converse, Nike, Reebok, North Face, Adidas, etc.

The prices of the products will depend on the shoe brand you choose. Now, let us look into some examples. 

In most cases, shoes for men can have price rates between $30 and $300; the latter is mostly the range for designer brands and formal wear.

As for shoes for women, the prices can range between $20 and $400. 

Apart from shoes, you can also find a wide range of other products here. For instance, clothing for men and women can be between $15 and $500.

As for children’s clothing, the prices can go as low as $10 and as high as $300. 

Promotions And Discounts


Shoebacca is one of the few online shopping platforms where the company keeps providing the best discount codes to its customers.

You can look for the discount and promo codes on the official website or other online sources. These promo codes, gift cards, and coupons are considered the best way to avoid paying the entire price.

When it comes to saving money, the coupons you get at Shoebacca will offer you the best deals. 

Additionally, you will also be allowed to earn coupons, gift cards, and free cash by completing some tasks like watching an online video, etc. on some websites.

With the help of these gift and cash cards, you can use them on platforms like Shoebacca or any other online shopping platform. 

Return And Refund Policy

According to the Shoebacca website, you can return your merchandise if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

However, the condition here is that the product must be in an unworn state and should also include the package box along with the original tag. 

The company also accepts returns up to a year after the purchasing date. Once the product has been returned, the entire purchase amount, along with the applicable taxes, will be returned to you. 

Additionally, if you are returning any product well within 90 days of purchase, all the refunds will be paid to you based on whatever method that you have used during the purchase.

As for refunds post 90 days, your refund will arrive in a check form from the Shoebacca corporate office. 

Is Shoebacca Worth It?

From everything we have talked about above, it is safe to say that Shoebacca is indeed a legitimate brand.

Of course, even the best companies will receive a few negative reviews. However, the number of positive reviews can easily overshadow the negative ones. 

Some great aspects of Shoebacca include price-matching, a great selection of shoes, a convenient return policy, various and frequent promo codes, and affordable prices.

All the products that you see at Shoebacca are of high quality and you will not be disappointed by Shoebacca’s services, shoe selection, and pocket-friendly price rates. Is Shoebacca legit? It is safe to say yes.

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