The MLMe Laser Engraver Review 2024

The MLMe Laser Engraver Review

There are many laser marking machines on the market today with varying differences and specifications to suit almost anyone’s need or pocketbook. The low-priced leader is the Minilase-e laser-Engraving Machine (MLMe) from TYKMA Electrox of Chillicothe, Ohio.

About TYKMA Electrox

TYKMA is a manufacturing specialist in creating industrial laser marking and engraving systems. The machines they produce are designed to offer high end designs and cutting edge features and work with many substrates, from metals to nearly all plastics, and from anodized to carbide.

The MLMe fiber laser system

The MLM engraver features a manual front door that’s designed to be ergonomic and lightweight due to a nicely designed spring-loaded retraction system. A side panel fold-out touch screen provides operational control and machine status along with reasonable feedback.

A fold-out touch-screen allows the user to control and view the machine’s status at all times. There’s a large vertical safety window that gives you a full view of your project throughout the complete marking process.

The machines are also designed to be adaptable. Custom part fixtures can be added or you can use the high precision lab jack in order to adjust the height of viewing. There is also a port available for to see fume and dust extraction, and a lightweight, ergonomically designed spring mounted door.

Software that is provided is the MinilaseTM Pro SE product enabling the user to easily mark text, create barcodes, graphics, and serial and date codes. the MLMe attaches to a desktop or laptop computer utilizing a standard USB 2.0 connection.

The machine is designed to calibrate objects successfully and is considered by many to be extremely flexible in having a wide dynamic strategy in object engraving so that it can easily produce logos, graphics, high-speed characters, and bar codes.

Lasers advantages

  • Marks are permanent and will not bleed or easily fade.
  • Tracing the marks is convenient and removing them is impossible without destroying the substrate
  • The marks can also easily cope with harsh environmental conditions, including sun and rain.
  • The Minilase machines are inexpensive.

This is the flagship entry-level system in the Minilase lineup. It’s exceptionally affordable and easy-to-use. The etchings are precise, and the machine is capable of marking anything from metals, plastics, fabrics and more, and is backed by a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

The MLMe provides high-end cutting-edge specifications at a low economical price and should be the perfect machine for the beginner to start his own laser-engraving business.

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