The Number You Are Trying To Call Is Not Reachable


Are you attempting to contact someone but receiving the message “the number you are trying to call is not reachable”? They frequently referred to this as an intercept message. 

If you cannot reach the number you are trying to call, it could be because of several factors. First, the number you are trying to call may be no longer in service. Maybe the individual you’re trying to get hold of has switched their phone off. Or, in certain rare cases, they may not have their SIM card inserted. 

The issue is usually just temporary. However, if the problems continue for a while, it is simple to resolve.

This article will go over the most common reasons you can’t get through to the number you’re calling. In addition, we will give potential solutions to these causes.

Reasons Why the Number You Are Trying to Call Is Not Reachable

Depending on where you are, the reason why the number you are attempting to contact is not reachable could be because of several factors. Here are some reasons why this number can’t be reached.

1. Poor Network 

The network coverage is one of the primary reasons you can’t reach the number you are trying to call. Some areas, particularly secluded areas, have limited network connectivity. Places with extreme weather have poor network connectivity.

In this scenario, it’s best to move to a different position and call again. If after a few attempts the number is still not reachable, you’ll need to find alternative methods to contact the person.

2. The Phone Is Turned Off

If they turn their phone off, you cannot reach the person you try to contact. When the person you’re trying to call has turned off their phone, the phone cannot interact with the carrier. As a result, the network cannot connect to the phone.

This also occurs when a phone is set to airplane mode. It essentially shows that cellular communication has been disabled. When this happens, you will receive a message stating that the number you are trying to call is not reachable.


3. The Person Has Blocked You

Even though it is uncommon, this is usually the easiest explanation. And, should this be the cause, it’s best to find an alternative means to reach the person. You can either change your phone number. 

You could also send them a message through WhatsApp or social media. If this does not work, you can try various alternative methods.

4. The Network is Busy

The person you are trying to contact may be already on the phone. In some circumstances, specific areas receive a large volume of calls at specific times of the day. Calling the person within this time may cause them to be unreachable.

You could call the person again at a different time of day. In addition, you can try calling multiple times until a line frees up. 

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5. The Phone Number Is Not in Service Anymore

When the number you’re trying to call is out of service, it’s usually unreachable. This may be because the person failed to pay their phone bill. This means the network provider disconnected the phone number. 

Another explanation could be the phone number was inactive for an extended time, causing it to be disconnected.


Let’s assume you have been trying to call your friend, but you keep getting a message “the number you are trying to call is not reachable.” 

There are different explanations, such as that the person could have poor network coverage. But this is generally temporary. However, sometimes, the person might have switched off their phone. Whatever the issue may be, just keep calling the person, and eventually, it will go through. You can also contact the support team for your mobile phone to find out if the problem has to do with your phone.

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