Watch Movies on Your Mobile: 10 Sites That Allow You to do This

watch movies on mobile

Everyone loves to watch movies, and it is a great thing, as well as a way to while away the time. Watching movies is one of the top hobbies for many people. But the sad thing is that not everyone has the luxury of owning a television set or going to the cinema, which leaves them with mobile phones.

Using a mobile phone to watch a movie is also a handy and convenient option because you can watch the movie while on the go.

To make this possible, you have to use a site that offers free movies that you can download to your mobile phone or tablet.

  1. YouTube

This is the obvious choice for many people. You can download a movie in MP4 format to your phone storage and watch it later. However, remember to choose the right format and resolution to suit your storage because most phones have limited storage.

You can search for any movie you like from the search text area, and download it to your phone using any of the free download apps in stores.

  1. 1337x

Active since 2017, the site gives you among others, movies that you can download to your phone. All you need is to navigate to the movie library or TV library and download the movies that you want.

The site gives you various domains that you can use to access it. You can search for the torrents, or choose to upload some to the site. You can also choose to chat with other users to get an idea of what they are watching.

  1. DivXCrawler

The site touts itself as the most reliable source for secure downloads for movies. The site updates their movies each day so be sure to check back regularly to get latest releases. For more movies, you can join their members’ area.

Each movie comes with the title, description and year of release. They also show the movie format and description. To save to your mobile phone, all you need is to click on the “download “button and the movie will download to your device.

  1. FzMovies

The site is all about mobile and tablet movies. You can search for a movie by title or filter the selection by name, director or cast. You also choose whether you need a Hollywood or Bollywood movie.

The site grants you the luxury of requesting for a movie as well. If you don’t know how to use the service, check out the FAQ section to get a few pointers. If you love movies with subtitles, you can download the relevant subtitle and integrate it in the movie.

For latest updates, you can follow the owners on telegram, Instagram or twitter.


The site gives you a clean layout to get the movie that you want. The movies are categorized into single movies and TV series. You also get to check out new episodes of your favorite movies.

You can filter the movie according to the genre, country or year, or choose to search using the search utility on the main menu.

The site doesn’t store movies on its servers; instead they embed codes linked to videos from partner sites. To download movies, you can use the tool they provide to get the movies conveniently.

  1. Bullmask

The site offers the capability to search for and download movies and videos. The site works like a search engine that gives you movies that you need. The site gives you the chance to choose what you want, ranging from torrents to videos.

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To learn more about the service, visit their FAQ page to get answers to commonly asked questions.

  1. Full 4 Movies

This is a site to watch and download movies and TV series’ episodes for free. The movies are categorizes based on the genres (thriller, action, adult etc) and release year (starting from 2011 onwards). You can also choose the movie quality of your choice.

Fans of Hindi and dubbed movies are not left behind – they get a category of their own. Each thumbnail shows the title of the movie, quality, genre as well as description. The genres show the number of movies in each category.

  1. LoadedMovies

The site offers a wide selection of movies to choose from. You get to filter the available movies by category and even choose recent movies without the need of signing up or providing any information.

You can download movies of different genres such as animated, adventure, classics, war, sci-fi, horror and more.

The site gives you links to movies that you can download without the need to go to third party sites. Choose the movies according to quality depending on the storage you have available.

  1. FMovies

This site gives you the chance to download movies and TV shows, including animes. You don’t need to register to use the site, and you get to browse by different categories including country, release date, genre and much more.

If you have a movie in mind which you wish to watch, you can use the search utility to get it fast. You can check out the latest releases in the slideshow and choose which one you wish to watch.

  1. WatchMoviesFree

Just like the name suggests, you get to watch movies for free on the site. The movies are categorised according to the year (since 1997), genre (action, animation, thriller, sport and more), country and more.

You can also check out movies that are coming out soon as well. The movies are also categorized into single movies and TV series.

You also get to read popular news about movies and check out latest movies according to the week and the day.


The mobile phone has become a handy device for many people. You can make calls, chat or even watch movies right from the phone. Using the sites listed above, you can download different movies to your mobile phone and watch them in your free time or while on the move. all you need is an internet connection and some time, and of course battery power and you can enjoy your favorite movie.

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