4 Ways To Throw An Unforgettable Backyard Party


Most backyard parties are boring. No matter how much you hype them up, they tend to be predictable.

If you want to change that, you need to throw a better party, and it’s not always about entertainment.

If you’re looking for ways to throw a more unconventional backyard party that people will remember, here are some ideas to try.

1. Cook Your Food Outdoors

Skip the takeout and catering – everyone else does that. Try cooking the food you want to serve, and cook it outside while everyone’s mingling and getting to know each other.

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The smell of amazing food will subconsciously make people feel good, and they’ll enjoy the party even more. For instance, everyone loves homemade pizza and when they can smell it cooking, it’s even better.

According to a DiGiorno study of three different pizza parties, partygoers felt the most joy when the pizza was baking in the oven.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods for a reason – it’s fatty, rich, and a robust sauce can really bring out the flavor in all the toppings.

Even scientists agree that cheese and tomato sauce contain flavor compounds that enhance the flavor when eaten together.

So, if you don’t yet have an outdoor pizza oven, consider getting one because it will help you create those good feelings you crave.

2. Have An Interesting Speaker As The Focal Point

When was the last time you invited a special guest to be the focus of attention at one of your backyard parties?

The best type of guest will depend on your crowd, but generally speaking, you can invite someone with something important to say on a topic that you guests will find interesting. 

For example, if your party is for people who belong to an environmental club, you’ll do well to invite a speaker to talk about problems and solutions related to plastic pollution.

3. Offer Some Cool Entertainment

Every party needs some kind of entertainment. Unless your people are entirely intellectual, they’ll need some kind of stimulation to stay interested. Having your uncle juggle oranges for the kids doesn’t count.

What kind of entertainment would your guests enjoy most? There are so many options, like having a photo booth or an inflatable bounce house, for example.

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Here are some more ideas:

  • Classic party games. Some of the best games never get old, like charades, Pictionary, Cards against Humanity, Joking Hazard, and What do you Meme?
  • A fortune teller. Even if your guests don’t take it seriously, it can still be fun. You can have a comedian fortune teller give people a glimpse into their future in a way that speaks positivity into their life and makes them feel good.
  • A musician or live band. Do you have a local cover band for a popular group? Maybe you’re hosting sophisticated parties and you’d do well with a jazz band. Live music makes people feel good and they might even get up to dance.
  • A DJ. While some people would argue that a live band is better than a DJ, that depends on the crowd. If your people enjoy house or techno, or any similar genre, a DJ is your only logical choice.
  • A comedian. Laughter is truly the best medicine. When people have a great time that includes laughing, they’ll be more likely to remember your party.
  • Dancers. Whether they’re center stage or just for background entertainment, dancers can add some class to your party.
  • A magician. When you can find a good magician, your guests will love your party. Magic is one of those timeless crafts that never gets old, even when people know how the tricks are done.
  • A bounce house. Kids will love a bounce house, but so will adults. If you have guests that enjoy acting like kids and being silly, get a bounce house and give them the opportunity to let loose.
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4.  Give Away Awesome Party Favors

Party favors are fun, but most adults don’t expect them because it’s mostly something you do for the kids.

Surprise your guests with the best party favors you can find. You can even hand them out when everyone first arrives so they can enjoy them during the party.

Some fun ideas for adult party favors include:

  • Small bottles of alcohol
  • Cigars
  • Items with sarcastic slogans and funny designs
  • Soap
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Other personalized items

Change It Up – Try NewThings

If you throw parties often, your guests will get bored with the same routine. To avoid the same old routine, try the ideas outlined in this article to keep your guests well fed, happy, and entertained.

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