Why Engagement Analytics Matter To Your IR Strategy


The rise of Engagement Analytics is a seismic shift in Investor Relations (IR).

Finance professionals usually have to work with different software platforms produced by different vendors that don’t necessarily speak the same language or share information easily. 

If you’re in this situation, you know this tech silo adds time and frustration to your day. 

Engagement analytics flips this challenge on its head, telling you who your target audience is, what story they are evaluating, where they came from, and what personal investment profile they need to fulfill it — all in one place.

You can use modern engagement analytics solutions to:

  • Report on the effect of your strategic touchpoints on the capital markets.
  • Detect new or targeted investors evaluating your story.
  • Respond to activism more quickly. 

Engagement Analytics Defined: A Type Of Data Science

Engagement analytics (EA) is a form of data science that helps extract actionable insights from large data sources. 

In other words, EA describes the process of collecting, analyzing, and extracting value from all interactions your customers have with your company.

By comparing this information with past activities and current market performance, you can determine what types of engagements work best for your company.

Why Engagement Analytics Matter

You can use EA insights to guide future online strategy decisions, such as driving financial, marketing, product, and service evaluations.

If done right, engagement analytics can give you a particular level of clarity into the behavior, motivations, and goals of important stakeholders.

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The Best Engagement Analytics Tools

Let’s face it: there is a ton of data out there. This serves as the tailwind behind the explosion of big data and demand for data analytics, but it also makes sifting through the noise to discover insights increasingly difficult.

Here is where the importance of engagement analytics technology enters the picture with some of the following key features:

Website Analytics

  • Visits
  • Downloads
  • Page views
  • Average session
  • Bounce rate
  • Email alerts

Event Analytics

  • Registration
  • Attendance

Overlay Impactful Data

  • Institutional Investors
  • Ownership (13-F)
  • Stock performance
  • Activist profiles (Factset)
  • Press release publication

Prioritize Engagements

  • New investors
  • Target investors
  • Shareholders
  • Activists

A Completely Integrated IR Communications Platform

Use a fully integrated IR communications platform with EA to gain the following benefits:

Accelerate Meetings With Institutional Investors

Targeting is top of mind for most IR teams, yet it remains one of the most challenging tasks you face today.

A bear market and threats of a recession has muddied the waters, making it harder to predict how investors will react. 

These issues are compounded by the sheer number of engagements you can collect online.

Without the right IR tools, it would be easy to overlook critical data that indicates which investors are showing interest in your stock. 

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With EA tools, you can streamline the way critical data flows into your IR’s teams hands.

You’ll be able to see which new or targeted organizations are visiting your website, downloading content, or joining earnings calls. 

Once you know what content resonates with your investors, you’ll be able to accelerate outreach to the right shareholders at the right time.

But equally as importantly, you’ll be better prepared for these meetings. You can refer to their engagement metrics in advance of your one-on-ones.

React To Activism Sooner

The right activist campaign has the power to rock your boardroom, forcing sweeping changes to the way you do business.

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As these hostile takeovers grow in frequency, stock surveillance is a critical defense against becoming the next target. 

EA technology crunches data in real-time to process trends and understand shareholder behavior, flagging potentially hostile activity in your stock.

You can gain insights into what activists are assessing on the minute, so you don’t have to wait until 13D filings or quarterly reports to understand how investors are behaving. 

With your fingers on the pulse of your stock, you’ll be able to accelerate management preparation in a timely fashion and stay ahead of potentially hostile situations.  

Focus On The Right Shareholders

Identifying your most important shareholders is vital to your targeting strategy because they are the ones who will help you achieve your key objectives.

It’s important to prioritize those shareholders who are best suited to your business model and growth plan.

Assess Your Strategic Impact

Look at your engagement analytics to figure out how to carry out a strategic impact assessment and what data is relevant.

Measure The Performance Of Your IR Narrative

What is your value proposition? How well are investors responding to your IR narrative?

A completely integrated IR communications platform gives you the tools to assess the performance of your story.

Once you know what resonates with your investors — and what doesn’t resonate with them — you can enhance your message with these insights in mind.

Your investors are your top priority and should be at the center of your outbound strategy.

Utilize the smartest engagement analytics solutions to engage with them more effectively while steering your organization in a positive direction. 

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