Why Online Therapy Might Be Better Than In-Person


Ever since the pandemic forced people to conduct business online, many companies have stuck with their online services out of convenience, including therapists.

Although it’s no longer necessary to distance yourself from other people, being able to get therapy online remains a game-changer for many.

Have you ever wondered if online therapy is effective? Many say it is, and research has proven online therapy to be just as effective as in-person sessions for various conditions, like depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and gambling addiction.

In addition to being effective, a growing number of people report having an even better experience online than in person, and here’s why.

Online Therapy Removes Elements That Create Anxiety

Just the ability to have therapy sessions over the internet can reduce anxiety for many.

Online Therapy Removes Elements That Create

There’s no need to get dressed, leave the house, find a babysitter, or worry about how much extra time is needed to drive to and from the appointment.

It’s also far more comfortable to remain in your own home instead of having to head out to an office and sit on uncomfortable furniture.

For some people, especially those on the autism spectrum, just having to visit an unfamiliar office is enough to create anxiety.

Several other factors make it even more nerve-wracking, like having to figure out directions and what route to take, scouting out where to park, and finally, talking to a stranger.

All of these things can be overwhelming to someone on the spectrum, and often lead to a refusal to even book an appointment.

If you’re interested in online therapy options in the Washington DC area, check out TherapyTribe for a list of local therapists who can help with a range of needs, from addiction counseling to grief, divorce, anxiety, and even sleep therapy. If it can be treated in person, you can probably be treated online.

You Aren’t Restricted To Therapists In Your Area

When you look for an online therapist, you aren’t limited to choosing people near you.

If you are extremely picky and you want to make sure you resonate with your therapist, your options are endless.

Choosing a therapist is easy when you can browse profiles and look at pictures without having to consider where that person works or how far away they are from your house.

You Don’t Need To Travel

Anxiety aside, if you don’t want to travel for practical reasons, online therapy is an excellent solution.

Maybe you can’t get enough time off work to get to and from your appointments, or perhaps the closest professional is too far away.

Or, maybe you don’t have a car and rely on public transportation that doesn’t run during the right hours.

Even if there’s a therapist down the street, you still might not want to drive at night or wake up early to meet their scheduling availability.

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Whatever the case, when you don’t need to travel, none of that matters. You can see a therapist online through Zoom or whatever platform they prefer, and it makes your life easier.

Some Online Therapists Offer Email Support

Some Online Therapists Offer Email Support

For many people, even having a therapy session over Zoom is too much to consider.

Some online therapists offer email support to their patients, which makes it possible to get quick advice and simple communications.

Not everyone feels comfortable talking live, and email support opens up therapy to people who would otherwise skip it to avoid chatting face-to-face.

Reputable Therapists Follow Privacy Laws

If you’re on the fence about online therapy because of privacy laws, you have good reason to be concerned.

There are specific standards for privacy and security that must be met in order for therapists to offer online sessions. 

For instance, video conferencing software must be HIPAA-compliant, among other regulations.

Zoom is just one of many platforms that offers a compliant service to providers, but it’s up to providers to make sure they meet compliance standards.

Regardless of what it takes, reputable therapists will go the extra mile to ensure they follow all federal and state privacy and security laws.

If privacy is a concern and you aren’t sure if your chosen provider is compliant, it never hurts to ask.

Not Sure About In-person Visits? Try Online Therapy

If you’re on the fence about online therapy, but it sounds like it might make your life easier, why not give it a chance?

Many say it has made a big difference in their life, and it can be a positive resource for you, too.

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