Will iMessage Say “Delivered” If The Phone Is Off?


Will iMessage say “Delivered” if the phone is off? iMessage is a texting app on iOS that many people use. There is a common question among iOS users concerning receiving texts when the sender’s phone is off. How do you know they have received your text on iMessage at such times?

iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” when you send a text to a phone that is off. The app requires the internet, which is never there when your phone is off. However, if the receiver has another internet-enabled device connected to iMessage, you may get a “delivered” text. But they have to be signed into the messaging app on both devices using their Apple ID.

So what happens when you have an urgent text that you need to deliver? Is there a way to send a text to an iPhone that is off? Let’s find out.

How Does iMessage Work?

Will iMessage say “Delivered” if the phone is off? iMessage is an iOS application that receives texts by default when the phone is connected to the internet. Otherwise, your phone gets texts through the SMS option when there is no internet. When your recipient gets your text through that platform, you won’t get an iMessage delivery report.

However, if your recipient’s phone is off, they won’t get your text until they put it on. The good news is that iMessage stores unreceived texts on Apple servers for 30 days when they are not delivered. When the recipient puts their iPhone on during that period, the text is re-delivered. If their iMessage app is off, they will receive it through SMS.


How to Ensure You Get a Delivery Report on iMessage

If you need assurance, a text will be delivered to a recipient’s iMessage; ensure their phone is on. You should also consider that sometimes, your recipient has blocked you when you do not get a delivered message. 

If the receiver has an Android device, they won’t receive your text in iMessage but on the SMS app. Android devices do not send delivered notifications to iOS devices; therefore, you may not get a delivery notification.

You may also set up iMessage on all your iOS devices to ensure you get delivery reports of texts. When someone texts you on the app, you’ll receive a notification on any device connected to iMessage. For example, your MacBook will get a notification if your iPhone is off. However, these devices must be connected to a reliable internet connection; otherwise, you can’t get an iMessage delivery report.


Will iMessage say “Delivered” if the phone is off? No, iMessage requires a recipient’s phone to be on and connected to the internet to receive texts. If your recipient is connected to multiple devices, you can get a delivered report from another of their devices. If the recipient puts their phone on within 30 days because servers keep text in the iCloud for that long.

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