Best Dog Crates – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Dog Crates - Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Dog crates are essential for pet owners, especially for frequent travellers who make regular or long journeys.

As with almost every purchase, it’s useful to determine the factors that are important to you beforehand toensure that you choose the right dog crate. SelectedBest has researched and tested the best dog crates on the market this year for you to digest before making a purchase.

When deciding which dog crate to choose, some features will be more important than others. Let’s take a more detailed look at what they are, which are most important and how to make the right decision.

What is the Best Dog Crate?

1. Proselect Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate Review

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Excellent for: medium and large dogs, transportation, puppies that must be separated, home uses, hairy dogs, veterinarian uses.

At SelectedBest we appreciate that dog crates might just look like a simple cage, yet they have evolved over time to become more than that.

We understand that you cannot just make a trip to the closest retail store and purchase the first cage that you run into, even if it seems large enough to accommodate your dog.  This temporary place must be seen as a comfortable extension of their home for your pet.

We recommend that you do not just buy the most expensive or the cheapest model. Instead, look for an affordable solution that matches the pre-determined factors.

As you start digging deeper and browsing those dog crates, you may be surprised by their numerous features. Each of them might be perfect, yet there are small details that make the difference.

For example, cage size is important, you will have to measure it and ensure that your dog can fit inside, also make sure that they can stand up, turn around and stretch without any problems at all for maximum comfort.

We began our search for the best dog crate with finding a quality manufacturer.

This is when Proselect steps in. The company have producing dog crates and transportation boxes for years. They come in all kinds of models, shapes and designs to match as many types of dogs as possible.

Proselect Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate seems to be a front-runner. It has a series of benefits over other models.

As a best seller, it has some popular features. Fortunately for you, you do not have to make a blind choice.

We have reviewed this product in the attempt to help you make the wisest choice. Let’s begin.

Advantages of a wire crate

Proselect’s Petedge dog crate is a wire one which consists of six metallic wire panels that are fitted to form a cube. The construction also comes with a plastic pan to provide some comfort. Most of these things fold down so they can be packed flat making transporting or storing them a piece of cake.

The wire design provides a simple maintenance solution too. Just use the shower or hose to clean the crate. The plastic pan can also be removed and cleaned individually. Basically, you can just fold the unit, put it in your bathtub and start showering, it takes a matter of minutes.

This type of construction ensures a top-notch ventilation too and gives your dog the possibility to see what is going on around the crate. They will not feel lonely, but actually very calm because they can see you. This can reduce the likelihood of your pet making stress-related noise.

Metallic wire crates are very sturdy as well and will most likely resist corrosion for years with no problems at all. If your dog likes chewing things, these crates will stand up to such abusive treatments

While some say that wire dog crates are not so good for transportation, this is only a misconception. The truth is that they are actually recommended due to the high ventilation. In fact, many pet transportation services rely on these models.

Other features

Proselect’s Petedge dog crate is available in one size only. It is 48 inches in length and 30 inches in width. It is 33 inch high. Double check your dog can move around comfortably before buying this unit.

You will, however, be able to find identical models in different sizes coming from the same manufacturer. The proportions are the same, but the dimensions vary. Larger cages are more expensive too. Keep in mind that your dog’s comfort should be the main priority.

The unit comes with a black finish only. It is different from the classic silver nuance of metal.

While it might look fragile, this dog crate is actually very sturdy. The door is safe and can secure pets with no problems at all, even if they decide to start playing with the locks. There is a dual latching system that can ensure a perfect protection, which is mandatory for transportation. Other than that, the unit is relatively lightweight (around 37 pounds) on both your arm and wallet.

It is among the most cost efficient units in commerce today, hence it’s amazingly popular among pet owners and veterinary facilities.

The crate is very easy to store. You just have to work on its joints for a few seconds and it folds flat. You can put it behind a curtain or behind an armchair, but it can also fit into small and crowded attics. The flat design is great. The same rule applies while transporting it.

As if all these were not enough, the package includes a divider panel. It is attachable. Basically, the crate is great if you have a medium or large dog, but it is just as handy if you have two puppies that must be separated. As for the tray, it slides out which makes cleaning simple and easy.

List of Pros

  • Looks simple and can be used in any kind of environment
  • Comes in more sizes, yet the proportions are maintained
  • Ensures a perfect ventilation
  • Metallic wired design that can last for many years
  • Solid reputation online
  • Very easy to maintain due to the removable tray and aerated design
  • Very simple to setup or fold flat
  • Transportation is very simple
  • Very cost efficient
  • Fully assembled
  • Does not break into small parts
  • No tools needed to fold or setup

List of Cons

  • Some extra accessories can be purchased individually, but they are not always included
  • Might feel a bit heavy if you are not used to such things
  • Some dogs whine if they can see you


In the end, Proselect Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate is definitely a classic. It is easy to deal with and very convenient for both you and your dog. The positive testimonials online can only add to the reasons why you are making a good decision.

2. Petego Pet Tube Kennel Review

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Excellent for: small and large dogs, transportation, home uses, pet owners who like style and a warm appearance

Years ago, dog crates were known for being not much more than metallic cages. Some plastic variants were available too, but mostly for transportation. However, these cages were not so beneficial to the poor animals which felt like they were being punished or trapped.

These days, the market is more diversified than ever. In other words, you can find plenty of materials, as well as sizing standards, designs, and styles.

When choosing a good brand to buy a product from it’s advisable to choose a specialized manufacturer who is familiar with a dog’s necessities, and considers their comfort standards. Petego is one of the most respected units in the industry as they also provide hands-free leashes, cat barriers, waste dispensers, dog crates, pet carriers, hammock car seats and many others.

While looking for dog crates, you will find quite a few interesting models out there. However, Petego Pet Tube Kennel will definitely stand up in the crowd and draw a lot of attention. This dog crate is one of a kind and because it comes in several sizes, it can be used for both dogs and cats. It is mostly pictured on car seats, which means that transporting pets has never been easier.

Not sure if this crate is ideal for your dog? Read on and find out what we have discovered.

Advantages of fabric dog crates

When searching around for dog crates, you will probably notice that most models are made of plastic and metallic wires. Both of them are sturdy and large enough, yet plastic is not really the friendliest material in the world. When it comes to metallic wires, the appearence may be depressing to look at as the dogs look like they have been caged. They do not always enjoy the environment, even if they can actually see you. On the other hand, fabric dog crates are different. Petego’s tube crate is designed to be friendly, comfortable, warm and easy to get used to. Sometimes, you do not even have to insist too much in order to convince your dog to get in there. Sooner or later, the crate will become their favorite part of the home.

You need to consider further maintenance when about to purchase a dog crate too. Is it easy to clean? If it is not, the operation will become quite frustrating, while odors will inevitably invade you too. Fortunately, fabric dog crates come in two parts – a sturdy frame and the actual fabric. Fabrics can be removed and just thrown into the washing machine. In other words, maintenance is a piece of cake and does not imply any effort at all. Besides, fabric crates are also quite easy to fit inside a car, since fabrics can mold according to the chair shapes or even the door. Things like these make the difference overtime.

Features of Petego’s tube dog crate

Petego tube dog crate looks fragile at a first glance, yet this is only a first impression. As you touch and feel the fabric, you will soon realize that it is extremely durable. This is the same material used for most hammock car seats for animals. It is advertised to be claw free, whether you have a dog or a cat. At the same time, it comes with an extra feature for stability, especially during the transportation. The dog crate can be secured to all kinds of car seats. In other words, this unit makes a perfect addition for travellers, but not only. You no longer need to worry about the dog moving around or perhaps jumping into the front seat. The smartly picked shape allows your dog to move, but without moving the crate. An extra car seat extender can be purchased as well.

The impressive level of customization is yet another major benefit of this dog crate. In other words, it makes no difference if you have a small dog or a very large breed. Adjusting the frame is piece of cake due to the tube design. Since the fabric is fitted on the frame, it will go along as well. Obviously, there are some limitations regarding these resizing standards. This is why Petego also has a second size. You can choose between small (18×18 inches) and large (24×47 inches) dog crates. Double check your dog’s necessities while moving before spending your money though.

This dog crate is mostly advertised as a travelling or transportation unit. This is why it is easy to fit to a car seat. It can fit into pretty much any car, including small vehicles where standard sturdy dog crates are unable to get. However, you can just as well keep the crate indoors and your dog will most likely turn it into its own home.

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  • Looks stylish and ensures a comfortable feeling
  • Has a long shape for a perfect portability
  • Has ventilation nets
  • Made of solid fabric that can easily resist claws and teeth
  • Very good reputation online
  • Durable and strong steel
  • Very easy to clean due to the removable fabric
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Easy to setup or fold flat
  • Transportation is very simple
  • Very cost efficient
  • Fully assembled
  • Lightweight


  • Some extra accessories can be purchased individually, but they are not always included
  • Available in two general sizes only
  • Could use a no-chewing product for the zippers


In the end, Petego Pet Tube Kennel has a perfect appearance. It may not be the most complex dog crate in the world, but it comes with some innovations that many other manufacturers have overlooked so far. It is also cost-efficient.

3. Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate Review

Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate Reviewir?t=selectedbest 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B0002AT3M4

Excellent for: dogs up to 110 pounds in weight, hairy dogs, pet owners who require the convenience and easy storage

No matter how simplistic and general, they seem to be, dog crates are actually developed by some particular standards. The size is probably the most important one, but at the same time, you have to pay attention to other considerations as well. From this point of view, you should not really buy a random dog crate from a general store, but just focus on a specialized brand or manufacturer. This is when Midwest Homes For Pets steps in.

The company is specialized in pet products. You can find sleeping beds, dog crates, interactive habitats for hamsters or guinea pigs, mattresses (it’s basically the pet equivalent of the popular site, MattressPicks), car barriers and so on.

Its’ top-selling products represent a priority for a lot of pet owners, so they are definitely worth some attention.

When not sure about the perfect dog crate, you will find a few different models. Most of them come in more sizing standards too, only to accommodate more pets. Find out what you truly expect from this crate before buying one. Besides, make sure that your dog has enough room in there. All in all, Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate seem to be one of the best sellers. This product is very cost efficient and affordable. Plenty of people all over the world buy it, while the positive testimonials just do not seem to stop from popping up. We have reviewed this model, so feel free to read on in order to educate yourself about its pros and cons.

Advantages of this type

Dog crates come in more models if you count the materials and construction. Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate is based on wires. This option is a lot more common than wood or plastic due to its numerous benefits. For example, it is great for dogs with long hair that get hot easily. Therefore, the wired design ensures a proper ventilation. Some models also come with an adjustable size. In other words, you can extend them as your furry friend gains in size. This option is quite rare though and not always necessary. It depends on your dog.

The folding capability is yet another major benefit. Nine out of ten wire dog crates are foldable. They can be carried without too many problems, just like they do not require too much room when stored. Even if they fold plat, it does not mean that they are not sturdy though. Besides, since dogs can actually see the surroundings, they will not feel scared or sad. They can take a peek around, but they will also see you, so they might stop whining. When trained for a dog crate, some dogs might whine until they get used to their new home. Seeing you gives them a feeling of safety, yet it depends on the breed and your dog’s character.

With these conclusions in mind, it is easy to realize why we often recommend wire dog crates. They are simply more convenient than other alternatives.

Other benefits and features

The Midwest Life Stages dog crate is developed with convenience and comfort in mind. It comes in not less than six different sizing standards. Each of them is developed for particular types of dogs. The larger the crate is, the more it costs. The largest model can accommodate dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. As for the actual design, there is nothing really special about its appearance. It is, however, finished with a Satin black paint. Therefore, it does not look as “metallic” as you might think.

The setup is a piece of cake. You do not have to be a genius to assemble this unit. It is easy and asks for a few simple moves. The same rule applies when you fold it flat, whether you want to store or transport it. If this is the first time you own such a dog crate, the small owner’s manual will give you all the required details. Simply put, it does not break into small parts, so no guessing is involved. Instead, you have to work on its joints and corners in order to set it up or fold it flat. Most commonly, it is only a matter of sliding.

The package comes with one divider panel, so this dog crate is good if you have two small dogs too. The floor is made of composite plastic. It is actually a perfectly fitting pan. It is removable, so you can take it out whenever you need to clean the crate. The maintenance is piece of cake and does not require too much work anyway. The corners are rounded, so your pet will be safe. Besides, round corners are just as handy for your own protection. After all, you do not want to bump into a sharp metallic corner.


  • Very simple to setup or fold plat
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Solid joints ensure a sturdy setup
  • Comes in a stylish black finish, so you can forget about that metallic look
  • Comes in six different sizes
  • Good reputation
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to clean due to the removable plastic pan
  • Ensures a perfect aeration
  • Does not need any vents
  • Comes with a divider panel
  • Very cost efficient


  • Not the most stylish dog crate in the world
  • Dog might whine if it actually sees you around
  • Not so protective during the cold season


As a short final conclusion, Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate is definitely worth some attention. The crate comes in so many sizes that anyone can benefit from it. It is designed to be convenient. Other than that, this is a classic model. It has no fancy features, but just its primary use or goals in mind, hence its amazing popularity.

4. EliteField Beige 3-Door Soft Dog Crate Review

EliteField Beige 3-Door Soft Dog Crate Reviewir?t=selectedbest 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01M63ZAT9

Excellent for: small and medium dogs, home uses, pet owners who like style and a warm appearance

Dog crates have evolved a lot over time. These days, they are no longer about keeping your dog in one place, but about the dog’s comfort. This is the main requirement. Otherwise, your dog will truly dislike the new environment. Once you cover the dog’s comfort, you can finally think about other aspects, such as your own convenience or perhaps style preferences. When not sure what to begin with, finding a reliable manufacturer might be your best option. It is imperative to buy the dog crate from a company that is actually specialized in pet products because its professionals know better what a dog might need, so try to ignore those random products from retail stores whose manufacturers are not even mentioned. This is when EliteField becomes your best friend. Dog crates, cat trees and sleeping beds are just some of the few products coming from this brand.

Its dog crates are quite diversified, yet some models can definitely stand up in the crowd. Judging by the numerous testimonials and reviews, it looks like EliteField Beige 3-Door Soft Dog Crate is a front-runner in this field. It is not just very comfortable for dogs, but it also adds a little style to your home. If still not sure about it, feel free to read our review. We have checked it out in small details and analyzed its pros and cons. This is not the most expensive product from EliteField, but not the cheapest either. Instead, it represents the most cost-efficient one.

Why fabric dog crates sometimes represent a better option

EliteFIeld’s soft dog crate is made of fabric. This is among the least popular materials in this industry, especially when compared to metallic wires or plastic. However, it does have a lot of benefits. Most importantly, it looks a lot better than its alternatives. It makes an excellent addition to plenty of homes, regardless of their themes. This is because fabric can be found in a lot of different designs. The look is soft, so the crate becomes a great indoor bed or kennel. They also bring in a warmer appearance and feeling of safety. Most dogs are more likely to accept and enjoy such a crate over a metallic one.

At the same time, you have to make this decision with the maintenance in mind too. Fortunately, fabric dog crates can be machine washed. Obviously, they have a sturdy frame, but the good news is that you can remove the fabric, throw it into your washing machine and ensure a brand new appearance. It is true that it might stain or absorb odors easier than other materials, but then, you probably know already that dogs do not like to soil the places they rest in. Therefore, chances are such unpleasant events will not happen, especially if your dog is already grown up.

Finally, fabrics are also warmer than other materials. They do feel like actual beds and not like cages. These elements will definitely add to your dog’s comfort.

Other features enhancing EliteField’s soft dog crate

EliteField’s soft dog crate comes in one size only. Therefore, measure your dog in a standing position, as well as a stretching position, only to ensure that it has enough room and comfort in there. It is 36x24x28 inches in size. Keep in mind that this is not a standard size. In fact, it is actually larger. Therefore, if your dog used to fit in a different standard crate, chances are it will fit into this one too, as long as you respect the proportions.

The design is by far the most attractive part regarding this model. The fabric is soft and good looking. That nuance of beige is neutral and very friendly. It is mat, solid and very resistant in front of claws and teeth, so there is nothing to worry about. The good news is that it can be removed, only to be properly maintained. The fabric does not absorb odors like others. Plus, since it can be washed in a machine, you will get over all the problems in no time. But then, dogs normally refuse to soil their favorite places, so your pet is less likely to soil this crate anyway. Aside from the fabric, the manufacturer has also used strong steel. The steel is used for the frame construction. It is very lightweight and a little flexible, yet it will ensure a sturdy design as well.

Setting this crate up is a matter of seconds. Folding it down takes just as “much”. You do not have to be a genius, just like you do not require any tools either. Besides, the crate does not break into small parts, so it is fully assembled. It is extremely well ventilated and comes with three different doors. You can choose which one to open. Two pockets for accessories are installed on one side and on top.


  • Looks stylish and ensures a comfortable light
  • Has three different doors for extra convenience
  • Has ventilation nets
  • Made of solid fabric that can easily resist claws and teeth
  • Has two pockets – one on the side and one on top
  • Very good reputation
  • Durable and strong steel frame
  • Very easy to clean due to the removable fabric
  • Can be washed in a machine
  • Easy to setup or fold
  • Very cost efficient
  • Fully assembled
  • Lightweight
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  • While it can accommodate medium dogs, it is not solid enough to transport them, but just puppies
  • Available in one size only
  • Might need a no-chewing product for the zippers


In the end, EliteField Beige 3-Door Soft Dog Crate makes an amazing addition to pretty much any household or decor. It is warm, friendly and good looking. It actually feels like a shelter and not really like a cage, hence it’s popularity.

5. Crown Pet Products Eco-Friendly Pet Crate Table Review

Crown Pet Products Eco-Friendly Pet Crate Table Reviewir?t=selectedbest 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B004YDN2UY

Excellent for: dogs up to 45 pounds (medium size), dogs up to 80 pounds (large size), pet owners who need a stylish design

At a first glance, dog crates look identical. It seems that the size is the only factor that can make the difference. However, as you start digging deeper, you might feel a little overwhelmed with such a wide offer. Practically, you need to go further than the size. You got different constructions, as well as building materials. Each of them comes with some particularities, pros and cons. Choosing a solid manufacturer is probably the first thing you should do and this is when Crown Pet Products steps in. The manufacturer produces small pieces of furniture, whether it comes to dog crates, coffee tables, wooden gates, storage steps and so on. It might sound unusual to use a dog crate as a piece of furniture, yet wooden elements can actually make a solid and sturdy solution.

When browsing through those products, some dog crates can definitely stand up in the crowd. They are not just good looking, but also efficient and provide a good rapport for quality and price. From all those models, Crown Pet Products Eco-Friendly Pet Crate Table might be the ideal option. Those who are not familiar with pets may not even know that this is a dog crate. It can just as well be taken for a small table with some storage underneath. All in all, judging by its numerous reviews, it looks like it represents a best seller. We have reviewed it in small details, only to help you make an informed choice. Do not hesitate to give it some attention, but not before reading on.

Why wooden dog crates?

There are more types, styles and materials dog crates come in. Most of them are made of plastic or metallic wires. Each model has some benefits, yet it looks like the wooden variant is the most appreciated one. It is not the most popular one though, since it is slightly more expensive than its alternatives. All in all, the appearance is the most important advantage. Considering that you got the right size, you can also count on a beautiful piece of furniture. The wood finish can go into any kind of decor, whether you got a traditional theme or a modernist one. There are also more types of wood out there. Plus, the nuances and colors are not to be ignored either. If you got a simplistic theme, opt for a dark or very light type of wood. Otherwise, the classic brown will look great.

On a different note, wood dog crates are also handy for their multiple purposes. Whether the dog is free to hang around or rests inside the crate, it makes a great piece of furniture. It can successfully replace a side or an end table. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to make any major adjustments in order to make some room for the crate. It might be a good idea to store basic things on top of it, such as books or perhaps your keys. Avoid storing an expensive television set or other similar things. The Crown Pet Product crate is sturdy enough, but large dogs can be quite powerful too.

Discovering other features

Crown Pet Products eco-friendly crate comes in two different colors – coffee and mahogany. With all these, the overall design is similar to teak. It is entirely made of hardwood, so it is quite complicated to chew or destroy. An educated dog and the durable construction can ensure that this crate will last for a lifetime. Other than that, the finish is stained and lacquered. Therefore, it looks just like any other piece of furniture. The Tenon and Mortise construction adds to the overall appearance. Generally speaking, most pet owners will fall in love with it right away.

The door construction adds to your convenience as well. Practically, the door swings inside. It will not be in your way. This might be an inconvenience if the dog chooses to rest close to the door and you need access to it. Other than that, the environment is perfectly ventilated. The crate has a few vents that open up completely. You can retain heat inside during the cold winter days, but you can just as well stimulate the air circulation if you have a hairy dog.

If you are worried about the maintenance, you should know that the melamine is waterproof. The floor is made of MDF. Therefore, cleaning this crate is piece of cake. No odors or liquids will be absorbed, which is very important for both you and your pet. However, pets are less likely to soil the area they sleep and relax in, so there should not be any problems.

Finally, aside from the several finishes, you should know that this eco-friendly dog crate comes in two different sizes as well. Make sure that you know how much room your dog needs and never sacrifice their comfort for design. Larger is accepted, but smaller is highly contraindicated.


  • Can be taken for a luxury piece of furniture
  • Top can be used to store various things
  • Made of hardwood
  • Comes in a few different finishes
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Solid reputation
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to clean due to the waterproof melamine floor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fully opening vents
  • Comes with gliding feet to protect your floors
  • Easy to transport due to its feet
  • Very cost efficient


  • Might seem a little heavy, especially if you want to move it with the dog inside
  • Not so appropriate for transportation
  • Might require a little experience while assembling the crate


In the end, it is obvious that Crown Pet Products Eco-Friendly Pet Crate Table is more than just a simple dog crate. It is a stylish piece of furniture that will provide your furry friend with a good looking, warm and comfortable environment.

Choosing The Right Size Dog Crate

Before everything else, we have to choose the ideal sized crate for our dog. If we have a small or medium dog, choosing an extra large dog crate is not a great idea. Animals live on pure instinct, which means that they don’t suffer from phobias like us. Claustrophobia in dogs is non-existent for example because a phobia is an irrational fear. A dog can have discomfort in a crate, but only if it had a negative prior experience, and that still won’t be a phobia. This means that your furry friend will be perfectly happy in a crate that’s just the right size, not small, nor large.

You can find crates anywhere from 20 inches up till 54-60.The extra small and small ones are of course for the smallest of breeds like the Chihuahua, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Brussels Griffon, the Dachshund or the English Toy Spaniel. The medium sized crates are perfect for the Miniature Poodles, the Welsh Corgis and other pooches that come in roughly the same size.

The large sized crates are still not for the giants, instead they represent a good choice for a Dalmatian, a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd, a Rottweiler, or any other dogs with roughly the same size. Lastly, the Extra Large and the Giant category belong to the biggest and strongest dogs. Breeds like that include the Great Dane, the Saint Bernard or the English Mastiff. Those dogs are not only tall but usually bulky and long as well, taking up the most space imaginable.

Now when you are the owner of a mixed dog, it can be hard to tell which breed the dog is, especially if the dog still hasn’t matured physically. In those cases, the veterinarian can help you determine the dog’s breed, or even if he or she is not one hundred percent sure, they can usually guess the size of the dog that it will eventually grow to, pretty accurately. Once you know that, you will be able to tell which sized crate would be an ideal choice, which always has to be the first step.

The Single Most Important Reason For A Crate

Have you asked yourself the question why you should have a crate?

The answer is easy, housebreaking (or housetraining), the single most important aspect of this whole conundrum. You will be working off the dog’s natural instinct to use a den. If you don’t have a crate, you will find your puppy wanting to go under the coffee table, or under a chair to do its business.

They do that because of their natural instinct of wanting to be in a safe and secure area while peeing or pooping. This is why purchasing a crate is a wise choice, because you will be working with the natural instinct of the dog, and that instinct is to not defecate where they sleep.

Wolves and coyotes for example, never do their business in their den. When they are young, their mother licks them and relieves them, but once they are old enough, the mother will show them where to go to relieve themselves. The main reason why they don’t defecate where they sleep is because they don’t want to draw the attention of other predators.

Dogs have the same instinct, most of them simply won’t go where they have to sleep, and this is where crate training comes into the picture. But for that to be ideal, the size of the device is of the utmost importance. If you want to purchase a crate, tell the employees what size your dog is, and they will more than likely recommend a perfect solution for your problem.

If your sole purpose is to housetrain your dog, you have to purchase a crate in which the dog can stand up and lay down comfortably, but cannot pee and poop at one end, and sleep at the other one. If the crate is too big, that could considerably slow down your housebreaking efforts. In any case, you should never force a dog into a crate, it is important for them to go in on their own, that way they won’t associate any negative feelings towards the whole procedure.

All good things come from the crate

If you want to use the crate in an effort to housetrain your dog, you need to make it a place your dog enjoys. You can achieve this by putting your dog’s favourite toy in the crate, or there is an even more effective way, feeding your dog inside the crate. That way, the positive feedback will quickly be built, and from that point on, your dog will associate the crate with a positive and desired outcome.

The main thing here, your dog have to voluntarily enter the crate. If that does not happen, your whole plan could fall apart and you could start from scratch. Well, probably not even that, because once the dog associates the crate with something negative, you can probably kiss goodbye to this housebreaking method. That’s not to say that you cannot succeed without a crate, you certainly can, but it will almost surely take even more effort.

Using a crate is one of the more effective housebreaking methods out there, and you want to be patient. It’s better to be patient than undermining your own plan. If you drop the ball on this technique, if you force your dog to be in the crate, that’s when separation anxiety can rare its ugly head, and your pooch can develop unwanted tendencies.

A calm and slow approach is the way to go. If you are lucky, your dog will voluntarily go into the crate at the first possible chance, if that happens, you want to reinforce that healthy curiosity by throwing it treats, reinforcing their positive feeling.

Final Thoughts

Besides providing additional safety for the animal, the crate actually helps the owner as well. The movement of the dog is restricted, which can actually prevent accidents. A dog can move around during the trip, and can easily become a distraction even if there are more than one people in the car who can keep an eye on it. Even dogs that are otherwise calm during a ride can suddenly become nervous.

They may see another dog or an animal and can jump all over you which can easily lead to an accident. Keeping the dog in a crate is the safest way of transferring them. If we transport our pet on a plane, the crate can offer the animal a familiar space with their own scent which can lessen their stress level during those hours when their loving owner cannot be with them.

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