5 Best Instagram Growth Services for Organic Followers in 2024

Best Instagram Growth Services for Organic Follower Growth

Instagram can be a difficult platform to navigate, especially when you are first starting out. How do your competitors have so many followers?

How are they engaging with so many people on a consistent basis?

And how are they continuing to grow steadily?

The answer may not be what you expect, as it turns out, very few people sit on Instagram all day every day to generate new leads, reach their target audience, and engage with their selected demographic, so how do they do it?

Instagram automation and growth services are a growing and thriving market, there are different levels of automation and different growth services provide you with different outcomes, done in different ways, but the fundamentals remain the same.

All these services that advertise growth rely on the organic strategy approach, which aims to steadily and surely grow your Instagram following.

What Is The Best Instagram Growth Service in 2024?

We have reviewed many products to help you make the decision of which service would best suit your needs when you are looking to automate your account!

1. Growthoid


Growthoid is the new kid on the block in terms of Instagram growth services and automation. This sleek service can offer users 3 tiers of organic growth and 3 tiers of follows and likes.

Real-life testimonials do nothing but sing praises for this service, the growth that these accounts have had is from real users, which is the key to what Growthoid do.


We wouldn’t advocate services that weren’t secure. When we use Growthoid on our test account we received no warning from Instagram.


The platform that Growthoid uses is smooth and sleek, the user interface is simple to understand. Once you have set up your account, you have a dedicated account manager contact you to help build a strategy that suits you.

This dedicated support really is what makes Growthoid stand out, they are experts working towards growing your account, and the support you gain from them really shows this.

Growthoid is very quick and simple to set up and get going, you don’t have to configure anything yourself and as soon as you have spoken to your account manager, you are on your way.

From that point, you can focus all your energy on other areas of your business.


We know that the organic growth strategy is slower than other strategies you can deploy, such as the purchasing of followers, but you need to remember that you are paying for meaningful interactions on your content and feed which will translate into sales or collaborations.

That being said, you will see results from the Growthoid Instagram growth service within the first 24 hours and if you have assessed your target market correctly, you will continue to see steady and consistent growth.

2. Task Ant


Unlike other platforms that we have reviewed, Task Ant isn’t an automation tool but it is still an Instagram growth service. That doesn’t mean that it is isn’t good, but it gives you a different way to grow your Instagram.

There is no point in hash tagging things on your content that don’t equate to what you are uploading, this is where Task Ant comes in.

Hashtags are how you get your content seen by others and by utilising the most popular hashtags in your category, you will find that your reach increases.


There are no security risks linked to using Task Ant, just be aware that Instagram has a self-imposed limit of 30 hashtags per post, so make sure that you chose the most popular hashtags that relate to your content!


As previously mentioned, Task Ant isn’t an automation tool. It is a tool that will allow you to search for and then use the most popular hashtags in your category.

Because of its manual nature, you will find that this takes time, especially when you are looking through multiple categories that fit your content. However, it does produce good results in terms of the most popular hashtags if you have the time to use it.


Hashtags are vital in getting your content seen, if you don’t use them, you won’t have any reach and it is a wasted effort. You will reap the results of using Task Ant if you use them in the correct manner.

You will reach your audience and niche by using the most popular hashtags, but it is worth considering the trade-off between time and results, especially when there are full automation tools that can do this all for you at a drop of a hat.

As it is a manual tool, there is also no support available along with growth on autopilot mode, again this is a platform to use in addition to other Instagram growth services and platforms against using it on its own.

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3. Inflact


Inflact pride themselves on allowing their users to gain between 1000 – 2500 real and active followers on Instagram per month.

It is a solid Instagram growth service that will grow your account steadily month on month. However, unlike other services, Inflact only offers one price plan.


Inflact’s security is pretty solid, even with extended use on our test accounts we received no adverse notifications from Instagram and no other security risks were highlighted.


Inflact is sleek and easy to use, whilst it is geared more towards the Instagram influencer market, as long as you know your niche you won’t have a problem discussing your desired outcomes with your dedicated account manager!

The key to getting the most from this service is solid target audience knowledge, you need to know who your audience is, what they want to see as well as what other content they already engage with.

Your account manager will help you do this, then comes the easy bit.

Once you have outlined your plan, your account manager takes over and from that point all you need to do is continue creating the content your audience wants and expects to see.


As aforementioned, this strategy doesn’t lend itself to huge, instant results. Whilst you will see an increase in the first week of using the Inflact service, the results won’t be ground breaking.

Don’t be disheartened by this, this is part of the organic growth strategy, it does take longer than other alternative ways of growing your Instagram, but it is far more beneficial and creates meaningful interactions with your target audience.

Inflact allows you to assess and evaluate your results meaning you can check how well your targeted approach is working.

If you feel you are not getting the reach your posts and content needs, you can change your parameters at any time.

4. FollowAdder


Followadder gives you 5 tiers of product that you are able to choose from, these pricing packages just increase the amount of accounts that you can have affiliated with it, all the other features remain the same.

This is a benefit as you will still get the same level of support from the base package as you do the premium package for this particular Instagram bot.


Whilst using Followadder, we received no adverse messages from Instagram and our account wasn’t blocked. It is a secure automation platform.


Followadder does all parts of automation for you, from uploading content, commenting on other posts to sending direct messages. It excels at making your feed look busy and directing traffic to it.

The scraping feature is really beneficial when you are testing out what hashtags your desired audience uses. The scrap feature is ideal for when you want to grow your platform.

Followadder uses this data and puts it into lists for you, this can be who to follow, what type of pictures you want to comment on, even down to following specific people.

This feature gives you a great overview of how and who you should approach on Instagram and really helps the development of your strategy.


Regardless of which package you select, Follow Adder gives you the results. As aforementioned, the organic growth strategy is slower than others, but it does work.

You will get results within the first 24 hours, but you might find that you need to properly evaluate the data and get a good understanding of your audience, the content they want to see and the niche you are trying to approach.

Once you have done this, you will find that your feed and engagement rates continue to grow! The only thing you will need to worry about is creating and then uploading content!

5. Jarvee


Jarvee prides itself as it can do it all as an Instagram growth service.

The main thing that differentiates Jarvee from other Instagram growth services is that it doesn’t just run and operate on Instagram, it can be used across all your social media without you really having to lift a finger. The base pricing allows you to attach 10 social media accounts to Jarvee, that is a lot of accounts!


Even with extensive use of the Jarvee software, our Instagram account remained intact and we didn’t receive any adverse messages or have our account blocked.


Jarvee has a plethora of customizations tools, for first time users you may find that you get swamped in choices there are that many, but the entire growth service is fully customizable.

When you first start using Jarvee, you will need to start out slow. If you attempt to increase your growth by 15,000 in the first month, you can expect to have your Instagram account suspended as this will raise red flags, keep your growth slow and steady.

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In order for Jarvee to work effectively, you will need to download the software and have it running in the background 24/7. This may put some people off, as it has to be active constantly for you to yield your desired results.


There is no doubt that Jarvee does produce the results you expect of an Instagram growth service.

The exceptionally customisable features helps with the illusion that your feed is managed by a human rather than an automation growth service, which also helps you slide under Instagram’s algorithms.

However, as aforementioned, this growth service and its associated platform can look intimidating to first-time users, especially with the customization levels that are available.

There is also the fact that it has to run full time on your laptop or desktop, don’t let this put you off the service!

How Can The Organic Approach Help You?

Instagram is a community that is built on engagement and validation. You validate others’ work by liking and interacting with their content and then they reciprocate if they feel the same way about your content and feed.

So how can this help you?

Well, in theory, the more content you like and the more people you engage with, the more people will like your content and engage with yours with the end result being followers, as you have provided your audience with content they want to get involved with.

Isn’t Instagram All About Follower Numbers?

Way back when Instagram first became a platform, it was all about how many followers you had.

This is now no longer the case, businesses and influencers are no longer judged on follower numbers as now there is a huge market for purchasing followers. The audience judges them on interactions and engagement rates.

There is no point in having 100,000+ followers and 100 likes on your post, this doesn’t look genuine and may well turn people off your feed, so how do you combat this?

Simple, use the organic growth strategy!

Is An Instagram Growth Service For Me?

In short yes, in a longer answer: yes, it is for everyone and should not be ignored. We have entered a new realm of marketing with Instagram, it is no longer about billboards and printed adverts where you hoped to attract a few people from a mass-market promotion.

You can now get direct and unfettered access to your target market through Instagram. This is even prevalent in business-to-business marketing; you can now have direct access to your clients through this platform!

Remember, there is always someone at the end of an Instagram feed replying to messages and evaluating reach, so it is always worth engaging with these people and services.

The more you engage, the more popular you look, the more your potential clients and collaborators will be interested in you, it is undoubtedly worth the effort.

Doesn’t Organic Instargam Growth Take Time And Require Resources?

If you were to undertake an organic growth strategy yourself, you would find yourself surgically attached to your phone or computer.

You would probably very quickly developing bad sleeping habits and stop this strategy within the first week.

To work effectively, an organic growth strategy requires constant and consistent action, it is something that needs to be done 24/7 to give you the best possible outcome.

While this may seem extreme, if you are a single person attempting to promote your feed, this is the reality of it.

Instagram can eat into your resources, not just time but also staff if you hand off account management to someone else and this effort could be better spending elsewhere.

So how can you still optimize your account for growth without losing resources to it? The answer is a simple one, automation.

Final Thoughts

The organic growth strategy has been shown time and time again as the most effective way to grow your Instagram in a meaningful way.

Whilst it may take more time, the results its yields are fantastic. If you are short on time or don’t have the resources to manually grow your account, Instagram growth services are the ideal route to increase your visibility on the service!

Make sure that when you set up your chosen growth service, that you start slow and slowly build up your following and interaction levels from there, this way you limit the risk of having your account blocked or rendered useless by Instagram.

Whilst this isn’t directly against their terms of service, they are cracking down on automation on accounts, so when you are looking to engage with others through your Instagram growth service, you need to make it look as genuine as possible without spamming others.

Once you have set up your growth service, the only thing you will need to spend time doing is creating content that your audience wants to see and engage with!

Take your time doing this and have a good understanding of what your audience and target market are expecting to see.

There is little to no point in applying an Instagram growth service to your account if you don’t have the high-level content to back it up! From there, you can automate every aspect of your Instagram life, following, liking, commenting, and unfollowing.

Instagram rowth services allow you to free up your valuable time and work on other aspects of your business without having to deploy your valuable resources into Instagram growth!

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