Best Instagram Tools for Marketers

Best Instagram Tools for Marketers in 2019

Instagram is the second most used social media platform on the planet. With an estimated user base of over a billion, who access it on average of three times per day, it is a platform that cannot be ignored.

Instagram provides you with instant access to your target market if you are a company or influencer, so it makes sense to leverage the platform as much as possible. So how can you leverage Instagram and utilise it for your own benefit?

The key to Instagram is engagement, if you actively engage your audience on a consistent basis, you grow your following, this is often referred to as an organic growth strategy.

The benefits of an organic growth strategy is that you grow your own following with people or businesses who want to engage with your product, service or you.

Whilst the organic growth strategy is a slow one, it is one that yields the most benefit as it develops relationships with people who interact with your content and feed.

The organic approach is where you like and engage with other users on the platform on a consistent basis.

This is where resources may well be required as you want to engage with your target market. Your target market may well be in a different time zone that doesn’t match your working or waking hours. So how can you still engage the people you want to whilst managing other aspects of your business?

The answer is simple, look for a reliable Instagram tool!

Top Instagram Tools for Marketers

1. Stellation Media


Stellation Media offers three levels of service from professional all the way to premium. The base level of service allows you to have one Instagram account attached to it along with dedicated email support, with the top tier allowing two accounts and a dedicated account manager.

Firstly, Stellation media is safe to use, we wouldn’t advocate services that weren’t.

Unlike some other services, they don’t infiltrate your account with damaging software of practices.

One of the awesome aspects of stellation media is that you have full account autonomy, this is something that alternative services don’t offer you. With this, you also have a full account dashboard, so you can control all aspects of your chosen strategy even down to the finer details, such as location.

Stellation media is awesome for letting you build and deploy your own strategy. This is something that we love about the platform. As you know what and how your target market looks for, the niches that they fill as well as their location, you can set your dashboard to reflect this.

How Does Stellation Media Work?

Stellation media uses advanced AI technology to determine what your target market interacts with. When you sign up, you are asked questions about your content as well as the market you are looking to attract to your feed. From that information, Stellation media uses their advanced technology to assess your target markets hashtags and what they engage with. From here, the AI like and interacts with similar content on your behalf to increase the likelihood of that particular user visiting and interacting with your feed.

Another awesome feature of stellation media is that you can access support for your account instantly, even with the base package you have email support where you can expect your query to be resolved in 24 hours on weekdays.

The support you get is fantastic and the team make sure that all your questions are answered in a constructive and effective way!

Why Does This Strategy Work?

Engagement is key on Instagram, the more you interact the more people will interact with you, especially if there are shared interests and common subjects in the content. This consistent interaction is the key to this strategy and also why it works.

Stellation media is an ideal platform to grow your Instagram following. Their state of the art, smooth dashboard allows you to pick and choose your selected demographic and target market, you can even narrow it down to exact location, age, gender and other features.

The platform is exceptionally safe and yields results within 24 hours of use. Stellation media is ideal for users who are looking to grow their audience without having to dedicate hours of their time to it, using stellation really is a sound investment as you can spend time and resources elsewhere!

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2. Followadder


Followadder is another bot that works to get your Instagram account growing, again it is a secure and safe platform to use, otherwise it is not a service that we would advocate. One of the features we love that followadder offers is what they refer to as the scraping feature, in realty this is data gathering. Followadder is exceptional at gathering and organising the data of users who have liked, followed and even clicked through to your feed. This organisation is put into lists, you can use these lists for a variety of reasons, such as to evaluate your market reach or if you are reaching your desired audience. It is a really good feature that makes analysing data far easier.

Like other bots, Followadder evaluates the hashtags you have used in your posts and then basically matches them to other users that have used similar ones. This helps you reach people with a similar interest that follow adder will then engage, with the end result being more followers on your feed.

Unlike other products we have reviewed, followadder requires you to download their software, whereas others have a web-based interface you can use. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as other providers, but it does the job. Followadder also requires a high level of maintenance, unlike other providers. You need to stay on top of it otherwise you run the risk of not engaging with as many people as you would like to.

3. Hashtags For Likes


Hashtags For Likes provides you with an automation that will find you the most popular hashtags for your content, which will help you grow your following. This service is excellent for people who are exploring their target market and audience. It gives you a very good insight into the most popular hashtags used with particular content, so you can then apply this to your feed and grow your account manually and organically. The key difference to this service than others we have reviewed is that hashtags for likes is only semi-automated.

Other services serve to free up your time so you can spend it on other areas of your business such as creating content, hashtags for likes still requires you to manually engage other users. This is time consuming and resource heavy, as other products work 24/7 in the background for you.

It is worth noting that hashtags for likes does promote organic growth as long as you use it in the correct manner. This is a service to use if you know your audience and how you want to engage with them, it is also a good service to use if you are exceptionally concerned about a possible ban on the platform. However, this is a risk for everyone using Instagram, not just the people applying automation to their accounts.

4. Jarvee


Jarvee is an automation bot that requires you to download its specialist software to work effectively. It is sleek and easy to use as well as being safe and secure. You do need to have Jarvee running 24/7 in order for it to work properly, this way you can ensure you get the results on your account that you desire. However, the growth that Jarvee promises is exceptional, as long as you configure it correctly and are aware of how to utilise and leverage it.

We like Jarvee because it manages all aspects of Instagram and other social media platforms, all you have to do is create the content, it really is an exceptional tool if you are looking to grow your account with minimal input or effort.

Jarvee is an excellent tool to use across your social media platforms, not just Instagram but its use on windows may well limit some users that have an OSX platform.

5. FanBump


FanBump pride themselves on no fake followers and active, real engagement on your account. Real followers are the basis for an organic strategy, and it is something that you cannot take for granted. Instagram growth garnered through genuine interaction makes your brand look more valid and will increase consumer trust.

Firstly, FanBump have a lot of reviews and real-life customers, the testimonials show that they offer a secure and safe service that is having real benefits on businesses and influencers alike. Unlike Stellation Media, FanBump doesn’t offer three tiers of packages, it is one of those all or nothing situations that may put some people off, especially if you are price focused.

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Which User Should Use FanBump?

Whereas Stellation media is geared to all types of Instagram user, it seems that FanBump is more directed and tailored to influencers and aspiring influencers, this is their niche and they are exploiting it. The smooth and easy to use interface is ideal for people that aren’t used to this type of software, it is very self-explanatory and as long as you know your target market, demographics and market segmentation, it is easy to set this up.

How Does FanBump Work?

FanBump uses the same organic growth technique as Stellation Media, it will engage with content on your behalf, using the parameters you have set to attract your target audience. It will like, follow and comment on other users’ content, freeing up your time to work on other areas of your business. It is worth noting that content is king is on Instagram, you need to ensure that your content is good enough so that people want to follow you. You will also need to post consistently, to give your audience the type of content they are used to. In short, FanBump does work and is a secure and safe way to grow your following, results vary depending on person but it will grow your following.

Why Use External Services?

As we have mentioned, organic growth is one of the keys to success with your Instagram account. It can give you a large following and increase the people who will access your content, which in turn can translate into sales.

The only major draw back to an organic growth strategy is the time and resources that it takes to develop a following. If you are a small business or just a singular person managing an Instagram account, it can be difficult to grow it yourself. This is where external services come in, they take the load of you and grow your following through deploying the organic growth strategy.

What Is An Organic Growth Strategy?

There are two ways that you can grow your following on Instagram, you can purchase high-quality followers to make it look as though your feed is popular which results in more engagement or you can organically grow your Instagram, which may take longer, but the results are more genuine interest in what you are doing.

Can Using These Services Get Me Banned From Instagram?

Instagrams terms and conditions are vague in this area, but as long as you don’t go overboard with the automation on your account, you should be able to fly under the radar. Whilst there is no exact science to this, we recommend setting your bot to no more than 400 followers per day. This way you limit the risk of being issues a ban by Instagram.

Are These Services Safe To use?

We wouldn’t advocate these services if they weren’t safe to use. We have applied all of them to various Instagram accounts and we have received no warnings from Instagram about it. Whilst there is always a small risk involved, these products appear safe and secure.

How Can Automation Help Me?

The reality is, growing Instagram takes time, it is something that requires your constant and consistent attention and if you have limited resources and need to focus on other areas of your business, it can be time that you don’t have. Automation can free up this time and resources and work hard in the background whilst you do other things.

Quality Content Is Key

Once you have chosen your automation software, you may think that you no longer need to put in effort to manage and curate your Instagram. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. You need to create consistent, high quality content. Remember that these tools will be following and engaging with real people, so you need to give your audience something that they want to see. You won’t be able to grow your audience effectively if you don’t post on a regular basis and don’t post quality content. There suggestions that people chose to follow your account within 2 tenths of a second when they land on your page, you have very little time to impress people and even less time to secure a following, make sure the content you develop is in line with what your audience expects and wants to see.

Final Thoughts

Using automation tools on your Instagram account really will take you to the next level.

The organic growth strategy is a steady and reliable way to increase your engagement rates and thus your following.

Whilst purchasing followers may seem like the easy and quick option, your audience may well see through this as engagement rates will be lower than if your following was genuine.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram account whilst taking a step back from constant engagement and following others, automation tools are the way forward. The only thing left for you to do is explore your target audience so you can set your parameters and keep going with the high-quality content that your audience expect to see!

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