What Is The Best Website to Buy Instagram Followers From?

What is the Best Website to Buy Instagram Followers?

When it comes to Instagram, numbers mean everything. One of the aspects that dictate how much authority you have on this platform is how many followers you have.

There are various ways to get these followers. Let’s look at our buying guide for the best website to buy Instagram followers from.

The Best Website to Buy Instagram Followers

There is a big long list of potential providers out there that you can recruit for your following. Each one is trying to sell you their service from a different angle, so it’s all about your personal preferences.

This means that you need to match the needs of your account to the right provider package. Each package also comes with a different time duration – some deliver within a week, while others take longer.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to choose a company that fulfills your needs.

1. Media Mister


If you need somewhere that’s going to take care of you beyond just your Instagram followers, then we strongly suggest checking out Media Mister. This well established company knows a lot about getting more Instagram followers on your page, and one thing that we love a lot about them is that they can help with other channels too when it comes to all different types of engagement.

The first thing that you do when you connect with them is you choose which channel you need help with the most. Once you’ve done this, you’ll gain exclusive access to features that can help you with that channel.

We love that Media Mister has put a lot into their customer service – and their prices aren’t all that bad either. If you’re someone who likes to be really organized and loves the idea of putting all of your engagement across the board in one place, you’re going to like Media Mister.

  • Excellent featuresnEasy to set upnExclusive servicesnGreat customer service
  • Doesn’t offer a trial for free

2. Social Viral


Social Viral is on a mission – to provide real followers, views and likes for their clients for Instagram. If you’re sick of being around companies that are just out to make a quick buck, then you need to check out Social Viral.

This is one of the only companies in the industry that can produce genuine followers and views, and they’ve got some pretty positive customer testimonials on third party websites to back this up.

Social Viral has a pretty good reputation with everything that they do, which of course makes us feel a lot better about trusting them. One of the things that takes it home for us is that they claim to be able to provide authentic engagement, and prioritize this above all else.

They also make sure that their orders are processed straight away, and that their prices are reasonable as well. This means that the majority of potential customers out there are going to be able to afford this high quality Instagram followers provider.

  • Immediate resultsnGenuine followersnReasonable pricesnGood customer service
  • Doesn’t offer a trial for free

3. Stormlikes


If you’re still on the hunt for companies that provide real, genuine engagement with not strings attached, then you should check out Stormlikes while you’re at it. These guys truly care about what their clients profiles look like and how well they do, so if you’re someone who hates the idea of associating with any company that’s not going to provide the best, then we recommend you check out Stormlikes.

If you visit their website and take a look around, you’ll see that they offer customer support via a chatbox. This gives you instant, direct communication with them, allowing for help straight away if something goes wrong.

At the end of the day, we think that Stormlikes is a solid contender to be one of the best providers of authentic Instagram followers out there.

  • Helpful chatboxnReasonable price pointsnGreat customer supportnSecure https site
  • Doesn’t offer a trial for free

4. Followersup


We know that you liked what you saw when you read up about Media Mister back there, and if you did, this is just one of many reasons why you should check out Followersup as well.

These guys know what it takes to provide their followers with solid Instagram followers, but they’re realistic, too. This means that they know you probably need help with other aspects of your social media presence online, and they can help you with this as well.

You’ll notice if you check out their website that they have a chatbox on their homepage, which means that it’s super easy to get in touch with them about any issues you might be having. If you like the idea of a company that prioritizes things like security, efficiency and safety, then Followersup could be your number one choice.

  • Help with lots of platformsnSecure pagenChatboxnReasonable pricingnExcellent customer support
  • Doesn’t offer a trial for free

5. Social Plus


If you’re someone who likes to get to know a company a bit better before you sign up for anything that they’re offering, we strongly suggest that you get in touch with Social Plus straight away through the chatbox they have on their website.

It’s companies like these that go the extra mile for their customers. This is why they offer followers that aren’t just real, but are high quality as well, so you know that you’re getting great value for money here.

Not only are you going to be able to get a lot of great looking followers on your page, but they’re going to help you increase your overall engagement as well. We love that Social Plus offers super flexible price points, which include being able to control how little or how much you spend.

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It’s all about getting what you pay for – and with these guys, we think that you get more than what you pay for. If you are looking for a real down to earth, personalized approach to your Instagram followers, check out Social Plus today.

  • Https secure websitenFlexible price pointsnLots of features to choose fromnHigh quality customer support
  • Doesn’t offer a trial for free

Know Your Budget


Before you even begin to shop around and see what’s out there, you’ve got to have a clear idea of your budget. While the budget you come up with can be anything from the minimum to the maximum, it’s important to note down this tangible number before you begin to approach businesses.

It’s also wise to determine how flexible you’re prepared to be with this budget – because there may be upselling or hidden costs in the future.

Obviously, in a perfect situation, you will end up paying less for your Instagram followers than what you budgeted for. However, it is possible that the company you choose will recommend you buy additional services to give your account an extra boost.

While the company gets more money in the end, remember, they are experts at what they do. This means that they know what they’re talking about when they say your account could do with an additional feature. This is why it’s good to be flexible when it comes to your budget because the unexpected is bound to happen.

Check Out the Pricing

Once you’ve got a good grasp on your budget, you need to set about doing some research around pricing. This is an excellent time to implement a price comparison, so you can get a good idea of what’s on offer and whether these prices are reflective of the service or not.

As you may already know, price comparing can be time-consuming. This task is particularly arduous if you have to compare companies that offer package and non-package services. One of the advantages of doing this type of research, however, is that you can usually get all the different price points straight from the company’s website.

People like you doing their research also motivates companies to be upfront and transparent about their prices. However, we don’t recommend just looking at the different price points and leaving it there.

Perhaps even more important than the pricing, you need to gain some extensive knowledge on the types of services that are behind these price points. It’s vital that you consider the kind of features that you’re getting, and how they stack up against the going rate.

An excellent example of this is that you may pick a package that’s nice and affordable – however, it doesn’t come with customer service. Because customer service is essential, you’ll lose out more for doing this.

Scope Out Past Clients

Each and every Instagram follow provider that you check out and potentially entrust with your account has to have past clients that can vouch for them – otherwise, you simply have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

If you want to know exactly what to expect from the provider, all you have to do is look at the services they have provided for past clients and how these past clients rate their experience with them. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you yourself use the package.

If most of the clients don’t have too many positive things to say, then you need to sit back and have a good, long think about whether that company is right for you or not. With this type of research, we’re talking thorough and extensive.

This means that you shouldn’t just trust reviews on the parent website. You need to compare these against other reviews that you find online which aren’t affiliated with the company’s platform at all.

The reason why reviews are good for this type of information is that they are usually in-depth and give you all the details you need to get to know the company.

Know the Retention Rate


As well as knowing exactly how past clients experienced the company’s services, you also need to consider the retention rate. This is the rate at which these clients have become repeat customers, coming back for more of the same service or trying out a different one altogether.

Best practice is finding a company that has a client retention rate of about 60 percent. Anything less than this should bring up a red flag and encourage you to look elsewhere for your followers.

On the flip side of things, a retention rate of above 70 percent means that the company has excellent customer satisfaction, which bodes well for your experience.

The higher the retention rate of a company, the more likely it is that you get a high-quality package. If the provider hasn’t managed to maintain a good retention rate, then this means that they are missing out on some vital elements, falling short of being able to give you the type of service that you’re looking for.

If the company you’re looking at has an exceptional client retention rate and is confident enough to put it online, then you can be sure that your experience with them will be a good one.

Know Who is Going to Be Delivering the Followers Personally

Before you sign up for anything, you want to make sure you know who’s going to be delivering your followers to your Instagram. You don’t want to be in a situation where a bunch of followers is dumped onto your account without another thought.

There are rules when it comes to Instagram and new followers. There are limits on how many new followers you can gain in a day, depending on the status of your account. The provider you work with needs to take these regulations into account and be careful when they’re delivering your followers.

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This is because the entire team can’t be responsible for the followers on your account. If this is the case, then you can’t put the responsibility on one person if something goes wrong.

Instead, you’ll want to get a case manager that is individually responsible for your account and the followers it gets. You need a direct point of contact where you can ask any questions you may have, get reports on the progress of your account and discuss any changes in your package if required.

The right provider will send you an email straight away as soon as you’ve signed up for a package.

Excellent Customer Service is Essential

All successful companies have one thing in common – they pride themselves on having excellent customer service. Even when you’re working one-on-one with a case manager, this doesn’t mean that they’re going to be there all the time to assist you.

That’s why the company you end up going with needs to have an excellent level of customer service. Remember, everyone is human, which means that even your case manager will go on holiday or possibly get sick at some point. The company your service is with needs to have another option when these things happen.

If you’re relatively new to the process of buying followers, you may be someone that has multiple questions, and your provider needs to be able to answer them in a timely manner.

As well as knowing all about their levels of customer service, you also need to know all about their support policy. An example of this is if something happens with the number of followers you’re getting. You need to know where to go and who to talk to in order to restore this and get the process moving once more.

Know Your Contract

When signing up for anything – whether its followers on Instagram of life insurance – you need to be aware and knowing of what’s in your contract.

Providers will differ when it comes to this. Some of them want to tie you down for as long as they can, while others will give you an out if the service they are providing you isn’t satisfactory.

The best way to know whether your provider is the former or the latter is to know the contract. This way, you can be prepared even before you’ve started getting the first followers.

You can do this by talking to your provider and asking them as many questions are you need. You need to know precisely what the contract terms are and how they align with your personal Instagram needs. This will help you to avoid being tied down to a long-term contract that you didn’t even want to be in.

Addition to this, you also need to know what may happen when you decide to change your package to a better one. Some providers will let you upgrade your package with little to no extra cost, while others will make sure you pay up.

Some may even make you see out that remainder of your original contract before altering it.

Thinking About the Safety of Your Account

This is the time to get serious about your service and your account – because any slip-up and your account may get limited. This means that you need to make sure the provider you’re buying your followers from is putting the security of your account as the priority all of the time.

This ties in with something we talked briefly about before. Some of these companies will just dump a bunch of followers on an account without any regard to the daily follow limit that Instagram has in place. The right provider is aware of this stipulation and understands that if you add too many followers to an account in one, it is at risk of being banned.

In order to avoid this, you need to make sure you’re working with a provider that knows how to deliver the right amount of followers every day. The provider needs access to your account beforehand and needs to ensure they check on the state of it before going any further.

So, how can you know that your account will be safe in their hands? Read up on previous customer experiences. This will give you a good idea of the security your company can provide.

Making the Payment

The best sites in the business will offer you options when it comes to how you want to make your payment. From PayPal to cryptocurrency and credit card, the point is that you get to choose how you make the payment, depending on what payment method best suits your situation.

Make sure to choose the right payment for you. After this, you should start to see your followers trickling in – it typically takes roughly 48 hours for this process to begin. If this doesn’t happen, you’ve got a problem you need to address with the provider.

Fake Vs. Real Followers

Many people get ahead of themselves and forget to ask the provider whether the followers they give your account are real or not. It’s often too late that they realize the followers are in fact fake.

Real followers can add a lot of genuine value to your account, increasing your levels of engagement as well without putting your account at risk. However, all fake followers do is ramp up the numbers and leave your engagement in the dust.

So, if you’re looking just to increase your numbers, you can choose fake followers. But it’s good to be aware of the risks.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

RankToolTypeMore Info
1Seek SociallyGrowth ServiceVisit
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Final Thoughts

Instagram is an excellent platform for enjoying social media success – if you do it the right way, that is.

It’s your followers that will either make you an authority on Instagram – or just another brand. That’s why it’s crucial that when you are choosing how to outsource your followers, you do your due diligence beforehand.

It’s much better to spend time getting to know your provider beforehand, than wising up to their reputation as a company when it’s too late, and you’re locked in.

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