Eco-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades That Are Good For The Environment And Your Wallet


If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen into a modern cooking and entertaining space, you will want to make the renovation as eco-friendly as possible.

Not only are there new, eco-friendly kitchen appliances available in the 2020s that will lower your carbon footprint but they are engineered to save on cash which means you save considerable money in the long run. 

But along with high-end, eco-friendly appliances comes the occasional appliance breakdown that requires repair or even replacement.

Enter the home warranty.  Getting appliance warranty coverage for your appliances, both old and new, is wise as they are some of the most expensive (and have the most moving parts) of larger purchase items in your house.

You and your family depend on them day in and day out. When one breaks down, it can be a real issue not only for your over-filled schedule but it can bust your budget. 

But if you protect yourself from the potential financial drain of major appliance repair and even replacement with a home warranty plan, you can rest easy at night.

Home warranties cover most of the cost of appliance repairs and replacements which can potentially run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

That said, if you’re planning on giving your existing kitchen an eco-friendly upgrade, you’ll want to include a home warranty in the overall budget since it will include not only new appliances but other expensive, updated, high-tech systems, also. 

kitchen with natural light

Speaking of sustainable kitchen upgrades, according to a recent article by Better Homes & Gardens, it’s never been easier to swap old, energy and carbon-producing products for more sustainable options, especially in the kitchen where appliances are hooked up to both water and energy systems. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to gut your existing kitchen completely or do a simple surface update, there are said to be a large variety of affordable eco-friendly materials, appliances, and machines at your disposal. 

Here are just a few sustainable kitchen upgrade ideas.

Recycled Eco-Friendly Countertop Materials

Going with recycled countertop materials is said to be an optimal choice for property owners looking to engage in a kitchen upgrade project.

There seems to be no end to the sustainable materials you can choose from, like cork, glass, concrete, and natural stone.

Says one Nevada realtor, recycled glass, in particular, is an environmentally friendly and long-lasting countertop material that’s constructed of binders and crushed glass.

It’s available in a variety of colors, and the material is customizable to fit your existing space and your personal aesthetic.    

Repurposed Kitchen Items

A simple way to begin incorporating an eco-friendly mindset into your kitchen is to make the switch to repurposed or reusable items instead of single-use paper and plastic items.

You can reduce reliance on single-use items by going with washable cloth napkins, glass containers, and dishtowels. 

Glass mason-jars, multi-purpose bags, and reusable storage bags will not only make your kitchen more sustainable, but they will also make it more attractive.

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Also, by utilizing repurposed items, you will save money on having to restock all those expensive paper-goods.  

Eco-Friendly Induction Stoves

Says Better Homes and Gardens, another strong, sustainable kitchen upgrade is making the switch to an induction stove.

There’s been a growing movement as of late to switch from gas stoves to electric. Electric is just another name for induction. 

Induction stoves are said to utilize electromagnetic energy to heat your cookware directly instead of heating the air around it like a gas stove does.

This means you’re saving energy and lessening your carbon footprint every time you prepare a meal.  

Touchless Faucets

Sustainable Touchless Faucets

Your average kitchen sink is a giant water waster. All too often, you can leave the sink running, or you don’t spot a leak until your utility bill has doubled.

But in the 2020s, there are a few good ways to upgrade your kitchen faucet to lessen your water usage. 

Touchless, motion-sensor tech is said to be an excellent starting point. Motion-sensor and hands-free faucets are engineered with auto shut-off features that prevent water from running accidentally.

The technology is also becoming more affordable every year, and it will help you conserve water when preparing dinner and when washing the dishes.

It will also save you money when your water bill arrives, making your wallet very happy.  

Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials

By making the right choice in flooring material, you can successfully reduce your kitchen’s carbon footprint.

Materials like cork which is harvested from cork oak trees, is an effective eco-friendly material you can use for floors, countertops, and even walls.

It is also hypoallergenic and can be installed in all sorts of patterns. 

Renovating your kitchen into an eco-friendly space where you will cook spectacular meals for family and friends can be an exciting project.

But if you’re going to be investing in pricey brand-new systems and appliances that hook up to water and electricity, it’s a good move to also invest in a home warranty just in case you experience a potentially expensive machine breakdown when you least expect it. 

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