Social Bloom Alternatives 2024 + The Shut Down & What Happened

Social Bloom Alternatives

Social Bloom Alternatives: If you have tried to use Social Bloom lately, you know it has been shut down. If you already have an account, you can log into it, but what’s there is unsure.

What can you do now? The goal is to find safe and viable alternatives to Social Bloom. The following will discuss why they got shut down and how these alternatives can come to the rescue.

Why was Social Bloom shut down?

There are many factors that could have caused the Social Bloom shutdown. Some of which may include:

  • It was considered too expensive for what it offered
  • The customer service was poor
  • The bot got caught by Instagram
  • Their website plagiarized other similar websites

Any of these factors could have caused the shutdown of Social Bloom. That is why it’s so important to read reviews and be cautious about the Instagram growth services you use for your Instagram growth.

Social Bloom Alternatives 2024

Alternative #1FanBump


FanBump is a long-standing Instagram growth company that features the elements you should look for when choosing such methods of engagement. What’s so great about FanBump?

FanBump help to organically grow your Instagram account with relevant followers without bots or fake profiles. They say they can help you attract up to tens of thousands of Instagrammers who are interested in their niche and content.

Your role in this process is to identify and define your target audience for them so they know what kind of followers you expect for your account. Their goal is to target only people who are most likely to enjoy your content and engage with it.

That is how engagement and growth are intended to work in the real world of Instagram. Overall, we are pleased with the features, safety, efficacy, and security measures of FanBump.

You get to choose from one of two packages; Professional Growth or Extreme Growth. Your budget will be a determining factor in which one you choose, but also your Instagram growth goals. The Professional Growth package is the most affordable of the two.

We believe that this service is safe to use since they match our metrics used to determine the best Instagram growth and engagement services available.

Always remember to follow any instructions given to you by this company to enjoy the best experience. We think that this is the type of service you can try if you are seeking real and effective Instagram growth.

Alternative #2 Stellation Media


Stellation Media is categorized as a fully managed Instagram creative growth agency. This service grows your account for you. Essentially, you just create and post relevant and engaging content and watch as you gain more followers.

This company has an excellent reputation with its customers, which you can see by the stellar reviews on the website. They are known for growing your brand using their expertise and passion for digital services.

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Not only do they work with Instagram, but also Facebook and Twitter. This agency is knowledgeable and skilled with social media.

The six essential services provided include the following:

  • Social Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC
  • Web Design
  • Branding

They provide you with these features:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Optimization & Maintenance
  • Reporting & Analytics

When you go to the website, simply navigate to their Digital Services, click on the downward arrow, and choose Social Media Management to see what they offer. You can even request a free consultation before you engage with their team.

We approve and recommend of the methods used by Stellation Media. We believe this service to be safe, secure, and effective for Instagram.

Alternative #3 Follow Adder


Follow Adder is categorized as an Instagram automation tool that performs automated activities according to your specifications. It’s an app that uses specially programmed bot technology that is customizable, easy to install and easy to set up.

You will download the app onto your system to use it. It allows you to configure your settings to suit your Instagram growth needs. Do take care to follow their instructions to avoid issues with Instagram. That can be said about any kind of software used for Instagram growth.

With Follow Adder you can immediately post content or schedule posts. Manage multiple Instagram accounts from one place. Engage with your targeted audience right from your dashboard. Create search streams that follow specific keywords, hashtags, and users.

Follow Adder allows you to maximize your reach, gain a loyal following, engage with relevant users, expand your niche, build your brand, run contests, and increase your Instagram exposure.

This application offers five packages that offer a range of managing one up to 25 Instagram profiles. You get free support, free software updates, and all features in every affordable package.

We think this program is generally safe to use with few drawbacks. It’s affordable and easy to use. The only negatives for this service are that it must be downloaded and maintained and supervised. While similar services cater to multiple social media platforms, Follow Adder only caters to Instagram.

Alternative #4 HashtagsForLikes


HashtagsForLikes is a software that detects trending and the most relevant hashtags with updates to automatically deliver the best hashtags that will attract the most relevant followers to your account.

Hashtags, when used properly, help you to reach out to more Instagrammers who are interested in your content. You can grow real, targeted niche followers and grow a fanbase that will engage with you.

Up-to-date hashtags will help keep your Instagram profile relevant, which will boost your growth and engagement. Real-time results are a feature that HashtagsForLikes users like.

All you do is enter an Instagram hashtag into the software’s search bar to start getting relevant hashtags. You will also get instant insights and analytics to help further boost your social media following.

This service offers three packages to meet your Instagram growth needs. The free package provides limited access, but it does provide you with a test drive to see if you like the service. These packages are affordable for almost any budget.

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We recommend this service because it passes our metrics for safety and effectiveness. It’s a good system to use, whether you’re a beginner or you just want to find out what relevant hashtags are trending in your niche.

Final Thoughts

These four services are examples of what to look for when you are choosing an Instagram growth service.

Avoid fly-by-night services that come and go. Instead, stick to the services that have been around the longest and follow their instructions.

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