Subbly Review 2024: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Subbly Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

If you’re thinking of starting a subscription service, you need to check out a company called Subbly.

One of the biggest things that stands out to us about Subbly is that they don’t have any extra or hidden costs above their monthly subscription.

This is almost unheard of in this industry – most other companies charge for every extra app you need to run your business.

Subbly is the perfect solution for small business models who are still getting on their feet and need a helping hand to navigate the chaotic world of online branding.

Let’s review Subbly thoroughly.

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Subbly Review 2024


Requests and Support

When it comes to support with Subbly, you have quite a few self-help guides and documentation to choose from. They even have an interactive Facebook group where you can ask other people who use the service for help.

They have a live chat box as well as direct email support. With their email support system, they’re known for being able to respond within an hour, so it’s pretty good customer service.

When it comes to requests, Subbly is always looking for ways that it can improve and enhance its services. They have a feature request area that comes with a status update.

Here, customers can offer recommendations, as well as vote on new features and even request a feature not be updated or included. This is a great way to have a little bit of control over the features so that you can get all the ones that are going to benefit your business.



Subbly is nice and simple with their price points, having just two on offer. Their checkout service is just $14 a month while their website service is $29 per month. If you’re looking for a comparison, these prices are pretty similar to other services such as Shopify.

However, they Subbly end up being cheaper when you consider their features for recurring payments, etc. A lot of these other companies will charge up to $30 extra a month for a feature like this so that you can see it as a pretty good deal.


Subbly comes with a lot of helpful features. Let’s take a look at what these are:

  • Free encryption of SSL
  • Conversion tracking
  • Fast support
  • New features all the time
  • Recovery features for cart
  • Privacy notifications feature
  • Customer referable program
  • Ability to create coupons and discounts
  • Many different shipping methods
  • Customization of email notification
  • Quick website times
  • Ability to add your personalized branding
  • Customization of storefront
  • Order management made easy
  • Ability to purchase products one time for faster checkout
  • Can create surveys
  • Themes and apps are free
  • Blogging functions
  • Easy and high-quality UI

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Subbly for your subscription business:

  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Vast self-help resources
  • Fast response time for support
  • New feature requests
  • Customer referral program
  • Integration with Ship Station
  • Notifications by email
  • Quick speed for website
  • Can create surveys
  • Both themes and apps are free
  • Blogging functions
  • Extra app allows for repeat orders
  • A payment gateway that’s safe
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  • Cannot use customized apps
  • Has a small catalog of themes
  • Has a small catalog of apps
  • No PayPal option


Unfortunately, Subbly doesn’t offer as many theme options as other companies. However, they’re all still free, so this is definitely a plus. What we love about this feature is that they’re easy to install and you can add your own branding to them straight away, so even though they’re not particularly diverse, it’s not difficult to make them your own.

When it comes to budget, this is one feature to make the most of, as other companies usually charge a lot extra for additional themes.



We all know how important it is to research our target market before we dive into the marketing side of things. If you’re looking to get some honest feedback from customers or you just want more subscription information from them, you can make the most of Subbly’s custom surveys feature.

There are many different types of formats you can choose from as well, whether it’s single choice, text input, or multiple choice that you’re looking for.

If you’re providing your customers with boxed subscriptions, this is a great way to get a good idea of their personal preferences. They even have one feature called a cancellation survey where you can understand the responses of your customers because they’re laid out in a pie chart.

What’s probably the most amazing thing about this feature is that you don’t have to pay extra for it.


Subbly makes it easy to edit your storefront, so it looks more like your brand. You’ll be able to customize it with your own branding within a few minutes, and you can also add other features to your storefront as well, which include things like galleries, videos and even a snippet of your Instagram feed.


Subbly gives you a web address, which is a subdomain of Subbly. However, if you want to take your branding to the next level, you can create your own custom domain and can do this for as little as $6.99 annually.


Subbly is a customer-focused service, which means that they offer your customers the chance to skip their subscription or put it on hold for a bit. This is a great way to communicate with your customers that you prioritize them above anything else. You can also try and bring them back again by offering things like coupons and discounts.


There are a couple of privacy options with Subbly. The first is offering consent for marketing emails, and the second is a cookie notice that the customer will receive before they checkout.


Subbly has a feature that will allow you to automate all of your email notifications. This means that you’ll be able to tailor the emails based on personal preference and customize them to your heart’s desire.

Shipping with Subbly


When talking about shipping, Subbly makes it really easy by figuring out cart value, costs, and shipping locations. You can also integrate your Ship Station account with their system, which means the customer can see current shipping rates.

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Subbly provides its customers with graphs and charts, making your analytics easy to read and understand. With their charts, you can work out how many store visits it’s going to take for you to get a sale.

Other platforms make it a lot more complicated to work things like this out. We love that Subbly keeps it really simple and straightforward, as they know that not everyone is going to have expert business knowledge.

Tracking Code

If you’re planning on running some of your ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then you’re going to want to make the most of their tracking code feature.

This is going to help you figure out which social media platform is getting you the most results so that you’re able to divide your marketing budget accordingly. If you’re going to be advertising your brand on any of these platforms, we strongly recommend that you make the most of this. Otherwise, you could just be wasting your resources.

Referral Program

So, are you someone who has satisfied customers, but you need a way to increase your sales? Through Subbly, you can start a customer referral program where you can reward your customers for their loyalty through things like points or even cashback.

Another thing that is worth noting about this feature is that most other companies charge extra for it, and you can end up paying up to $300 a month with other companies. Subbly doesn’t charge you any extra for it, though.

This is a great marketing tool to use because most of us know that a lot of sales are the result of word of mouth. With any referral program, it’s integral that you follow through on your promises and payout your loyal, sharing customers. If not, you’re going to have a lot of irate customers who are going to spread the bad news on websites like Yelp.

Promo & Discount Coupon

Subbly sometimes offers free trials, discounts, and coupons. At the moment they are currently offering a 14-day free trial and $10 off the first month.

Want that free trial & discount? Get yours here.

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Subbly User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Subbly on Capterra.


Review Conclusion

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a subscription business, we strongly recommend you give Subbly a go.

While other companies charge you for an app in addition to their services, this is already included in Subbly’s package, as well as a customer referral program. Both of these extra features are going to cost you a whole lot extra if you go for other companies.

We also love Subbly because it comes with a whole variety of features and functions, including their surveys. This is an incredibly valuable tool that’s going to help you gain a lot of insight into your customers, why they stop subscribing, and what you can improve about your products in general.

This is probably the coolest part – they help you improve your product so that you can always stay a successful business.

Click here for your free trial and find out why Subbly is your go-to virtual assistant for your new business.

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