Why Choose React.js For Web Development?

Why Choose React.js For Web Development?

Web development is a complex field and choosing the right technology becomes an extremely crucial step of the process. Different types of technologies are available in the market to cater to the different needs of developers.

One such technology or rather framework that has been gaining immense popularity is React.js. It is a front end development framework that is being used by many companies from the Fortune 500.

Before we dive into the qualities of React.js that makes it so popular, let us learn more about its history.

A Brief History of React.js

React.js was first used by Facebook in the year 2011 and in 2012 it was also used for Facebook-owned Instagram. In 2013, Facebook made it open for all but it was initially rejected by developers.

However, developers slowly started accepting and implementing the new approach and by 2014 many big React JS web development companies started emerging and many businesses started using React.js. 

React Native which can be used to create Native apps using React.js was also made open-sourced by Facebook in 2015.

The breakthrough however happened in 2016, when React.js started using Semantic Versioning. Its image changed drastically and was now recognised as a stable and reliable platform.

Now, it is being used by almost all big players in the market with a separate staff by Facebook constantly providing support from the back end. 

Now, you must be wondering all that is fine but what makes React.js better than other options in the market? Let us learn about the benefits that React.js Web development company offers.

Why Choose React js For Web Development?

React JS

React.js is Easy to Learn: 

React.js uses Javascript and Markup in a single file. This means anyone who is familiar with Javascript can easily grasp React.js as compared to its competition like Angular.

An expert in the field of Javascript can learn the framework within one or two days.

Also, a person with no knowledge of Java can start their journey from React and it will still be easier to learn than any other framework in the market. 

React.js is Flexible:

 Not just easy to learn, React is highly flexible. This means once you have learned it, you can use it to create user interfaces across various platforms.

React works more like a library than a framework, giving it impeccable flexibility as compared to its competition.

You can use React to do different sorts of things, it can be used to create a single component like a button or you can use it to create a desktop application. 

React.js works well with tools like Electron and Gatsby, making it highly flexible as well as versatile. Not just this, creating virtual reality is also possible using React VR.

There’s another point worth mentioning about the flexibility of React.js is that you can use it to create new components in the existing app without changing the entire app’s framework.

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React.js lets you Reuse Components:

React.js is made up of tiny components. When you start a project on React, you start with little components like a menu or button. As you progress, you start creating several hierarchical components.

When the designing of the project is done in this manner, each component can stand alone on its own. So, any component you created has its own logic and can be easily reused wherever needed.

This function of reusability makes the framework highly efficient.

React.js provides an Abstraction Layer

Don’t you want the keep the internal design of your application private? You can do that by using React.js which provides an abstraction layer preventing the user to access any data from the complex internal.

This simply means that the developer can design the software any way he/she wants to, without knowing the internal functionalities.

It also eliminates any architectural pattern like MVP, MVC, and MVVM. This function of React.js makes it highly secure and reliable.

The Speed of React.js 


Using React.js for web development can save you a lot of time. It has a wide variety of developer tools, which can be used by the developer at their disposal.

A wide variety of documented tools, graphics, charts etc are available on the framework as ready-made elements.

These elements can be used as it is or can be customised according to the requirement. This reduces the need to create every tool making the process of developing a lot faster. 

Also, by using react.js any change made to one component of the application won’t affect the entire thing. So, a change made in a component like a button will not cause any logical change in the entire functioning of the application.

This eliminates the need to make additional changes to compensate for one change, saving a lot of time and effort for the developer making the process faster.

React.js is backed by Facebook’s Support and Resources


As it was mentioned earlier, React.js was introduced by Facebook. The tech giant makes use of 50k components of React in its production function.

So, it is an absolute no brainer that they’ll do their best to make React as perfect as possible.

Being a part of a tech giant, there are many perks of using React. Some of these perks are:

  • The React team maintain a blog to assist users with each functionality of the Framework.
  • Any breaking change in React is automatically implemented by Facebook using Codemod, which is a command-line tool that automatically implements changes.
  • Any problem with the framework can be timely resolved by contacting the support team.
  • The team is focused on keeping the library up to date with every current market trend.

In conclusion, React.js is an excellent tool for web development that offers a number of advantages.

It is also incredibly popular among big companies, making the knowledge of the framework essential for career advancement for a developer and to gain a competitive edge for a company.

Now, I am sure you won’t be still pondering over Why Choose React.js For Web Development. So, go ahead use the tool and see the results for yourself.

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