Stellation Media Review 2023: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Stellation Media Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Stellation Media Review 2023

Millions of people and brands globally are using Instagram. The platform has made it easier for you to take pictures and then share them. You can do this for many reasons, including social and marketing reasons.

Over time, we have seen people leading normal lives that have been transformed using Instagram. Brands have grown to new heights with the power of Instagram.

However, gaining massive visibility on Instagram, whether you are an individual or a brand requires you to do more than just post pictures. You have to follow other users, like their content, and make sure they do the same for you.

The numbers game on Instagram means you have to come up with better strategies to get to where you want to be. Doing this manually can be very tiresome and monotonous; this is why you need a service that handles the tasks for you.

One such Instagram growth service is Stellation Media, which we go ahead to review in this article. Here are the features.

Use of Advanced Software

Access to basic software is easy because the software is offered at a low price. However, remember that cheap is expensive, which is why you need to work with a company that offers its services using advanced software.

Stellation Media uses software that has been developed over time and which has been made to align with the needs of your marketing strategy.

The software allows you to:
* Modify the actions depending on the needs of your strategy.
* Change the speed of task delivery.

You can change these and many more depending on the status of your account and what you want to achieve.

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All Is On Autopilot

It beats common sense to get a service and then you have to do the tasks manually as well. The need to sign up for a service is to make sure you put your tasks on auto and get time to do the other tasks that are vital to your Instagram engagement.

Stellation Media gives you a service that takes all the monotonous tasks and places them on autopilot. This way you get to handle other related tasks with ease, for instance, creating content to use.

You Get Organic Followers

There are different kinds of followers on Instagram, but we shall talk about two types ñ organic and fake followers.

* Organic followers – these are real followers with Instagram accounts. They are sourced for the specific niche that you market in. when it comes to organic followers, they bring a lot of activity to your account. They like, comment and even share your posts. They are a great addition to your strategy because they add value to your page. They remain as your followers long after you terminate your contract with Stellation Media.

* Fake followers – these come from bots, and all they do is grow your numbers on Instagram. They aren’t active at all and when the contract ends, they disappear. They are frowned upon by Instagram and they always disappear when there is a purge on the platform.

Stellation Media delivers real Instagram followers. This means that your account grows faster and you achieve your goals much faster. You also donít have to worry about losing your followers when the contract with Stellation Media ends.

Top Tools for Instagram Growth & Engagement

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Targeted Following

Instagram has users from all countries, from all walks of life. But you donít need to target everyone on Instagram ñ itís impossible. With over 800 million users visiting the platform each month, all you need is to get a few users that know what you are doing and who are ready to engage with your content.

When you sign up for a plan on Stellation Media, you get to choose the audience you wish to engage with, not just random people. After creating an account, you fill out a simple questionnaire so that your account manager can understand your audience and target them on your behalf.

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The service uses account managers to target the users that are relevant to the criteria you specify. The manager then engages the audience 24/7, which means you get to increase your exposure fast.

Advanced Features Make It More Relevant

The service offers more than just targeted audience interaction ñ it uses extra features that include scheduling of activities, whitelisting and blacklisting of users and much more. These advanced features work well whether you have a few hundred followers or thousands of followers.

Visible Pricing for Transparency

One of the best ways to know that a service is authentic is to check out the pricing model. Once you know how much you need to pay for a service, you can budget for it knowing too well that you have no extra fees to pay. You also pick the right package for your needs.

Stellation Media gives you various packages that vary depending on the number of days and extra features. Here are the packages:

* Weekly package – this goes for $15 per week and comes with organic followers that are targeted for your account.
* 30 day package – goes for $39 per month and as you can see, you get to save on the cost.
* Turbo package – this one costs $99 per month and gives you up to 10 times the speed and more followers than the first two packages. You also get dedicated support on this package.

Stellation Media allows you to save 35 percent of the cost when you pay for 12 months.

Stellation Media supports various modes of payment for different packages. You can pay using credit card or PayPal, whichever suits you.

Cheap Vs. Affordable

You’ve seen how much Stellation Media is going to cost you, and personally, we think that their price points are pretty reasonable. However, if you’re someone who is just getting started on social media with your brand and don’t have a lot in the budget for promotion, you may consider these to be a bit out of your league.

The difference between cheap and affordable when it comes to companies like Stellation Media is pretty important, however. While it may seem like a bit more than you’re willing to part with initially, the pay off is much greater than if you went for a cheaper company.

A lot of the time in this industry, cheaper companies tend to be cheaper because their services are of low quality. When you come across a company like Stellation Media who put their prices a bit higher, this is because the services that they offer are much higher quality. It’s important to always know the difference between cheap and affordable when you’re shopping around companies like this – you never want to settle for cheap, because cheap means low quality.

This is why we feel comfortable around Stellation Media’s prices – because we believe that you get what you pay for, and if you’re paying a little bit more, in this case, it means you’re getting something that’s well worth your while.

What is Targeted Following?

Targeted following is a way of creating an Instagram promotion strategy that tailors to the specific needs of your brand. For example, if your brand falls in the food industry, the last thing you want is to pay for a service that puts your content in front of people looking for clothes, right?

You want them to find people looking for a food brand, and a food brand that’s within your niche, to get even more specific. Targeted following is when a service like Stellation Media asks you for information about your followers and your potential followers, including location and gender.

This is going to give them a much better idea of the kind of people you’re looking to attract to your page, meaning that the chances of those people that make the trip over actually following you are much greater.

Organic vs. Fake Followers

What’s the big deal with fake followers? It sounds bad, but is it really as bad as people think it is? Unfortunately, yes. Unless you’re someone who is looking for an overnight hit to your follower count, you’re largely going to be disappointed with the results if you pay a company to sell you fake followers.

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This is because fake followers are ultimately going to hurt your profile more than help it. While they may look good there on your follower count for a while, it’s not going to take them long to drop back off again, and they’re certainly not going to engage in any of your content. Not only is this going to be disappointing for you, but it’s also going to make your page look bad – nobody wants a huge drop in followers.

On the other side of the coin, we’ve got organic followers, which is what Stellation Media can help you get. Organic followers are found through an automated service like the one here that interacts with real people who are running real Instagram accounts. Because the service engages with real accounts and people, the followers you get out of it are going to be real, and organic.

Nobody is being made to follow you – if they feel like checking out your page, then they’ll do it on their own accord. An automated service results in organic followers because it puts your name out there and helps you build a genuine community of people while you focus on other parts of your business.

Why Autopilot is the Preferred Method

The thought of something being automated when it comes to your Instagram engagement be still a little hard to comprehend, but when it comes to the convenience of it, it’s incomparable. When you put your engagement on autopilot, you are able to significantly cut back on the time you spend interacting with your existing and potential community.

This is going to free your time up to create more awesome content that everyone can continue to engage with. While it wasn’t that long ago that you could do your own engagement, there’s just too much competition associated with doing so these days on Instagram, which is why you need to make the most of autopilot.

It just doesn’t make sense to do it manually anymore, especially when you have high-quality services being offered by companies with great reputations like Stellation Media.

There’s nothing fake about putting your engagement on autopilot – because you’re interacting with people who are real. These people still appreciate your efforts, even if they are being done automatically so that you have a bit more time on your end.

Services like Stellation Media are a perfect solution to your Instagram strategy and engagement needs, especially if your brand has started gaining traction and you’re wondering how you’re going to fit everything in on a daily basis.

Social Management

One of the most important things to Stellation Media when it comes to helping you with your Instagram is their social management feature.

They know that it takes a lot more than just engaging with others to build up your brand on Instagram, which is why they cover everything that you could think of when it comes to being online with your brand – not just with Instagram. Their social management feature helps your brand to grow a larger presence and more awareness online, as well as develop longstanding relationships with both collaborators and customers.

They also want to help people find your website too, so you can turn those new followers into paying customers. There’s a lot that Stellation Media can do for your Instagram and your branding, so check them out today and see why it’s worth investing a bit of money into promoting your brand online.

Promo & Coupon

Stellation Media offers a 5 day free trial. They do also sometimes offer promo discount coupons or deals – especially when paying annually.

We think that Stellation Media is definitely worth giving a go, so get your free trial & discount here.

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It takes more than sharing of images to get your Instagram marketing strategy on track. You need to make sure you share relevant mages and engage with users from all over the world depending on your niche.

The tasks that you perform are usually monotonous, and they easily become boring, which is why you need to outsource them so that you have enough time to perform other tasks that are vital to your Instagram strategy. Stellation Media helps you achieve what you need in terms of engagement.

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