Best Tools to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Best Tools to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you own multiple brands or want your brand to amass as big of a following as possible, you may be someone who regularly has to manage multiple Instagram accounts. While you may have been okay with doing this by yourself so far, you could soon end up running into the issue of finding enough time during the day to do it.

To keep up with your Instagram content strategy and answer all of those direct messages coming in, you’re going to need to find the time to do so. However, there aren’t too many people out there these days that can manage multiple Instagram accounts without recruiting a certain level of outside help.

Let’s take a look at some Instagam tools that can successfully help you manage more than one Instagram account.

Top Tools to Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram

1. Stellation Media


If you’re looking for a way to get creative with your Instagram while taking your strategy game seriously at the same time, you’ll want to check out Stellation Media. These days if you’re a brand trying to gain exposure online, there’s a good chance that you’ve got more than one Instagram account.

Not only can Stellation Media help you manage more than one Instagram account, but they can also help you with other things too, like social media advertising and social media management. You can think of them as your go-to Instagram strategy company that not only figures out the ultimate Instagram strategy for your profile but can also do this across multiple accounts so that you have all of your bases covered. If you like getting creative on a larger scale than just one Instagram, you’re going to want to check out Stellation Media.

2. Trusy


Trusy is one of those Instagram page managers that can take your brand to new heights through their service. They not only want to see you do well, but they also want you to do better than you could ever have imagined. This is why they offer all of the basic features of an Instagram marketing company with the addition of being able to help you manage more than one Instagram profile at once.

They understand that it takes hard work, strategy, and researching a variety of algorithms to make things work on Instagram. When you are multiplying all of these factors by two, three, or even four, you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. Trusy is the type of company that can make all of this work look like a piece of cake. While their price points are a bit on the expensive side, you truly get what you pay for with a company like Trusy.

3. Follow Adder


If you’re looking for one of the original Instagram marketing companies to take over your profile and manage your other profiles as well, then you’ll want to check out Follow Adder. This Instagram marketing company was one of the first to surface back when Instagram was just beginning to get popular, and they haven’t looked back since.

Follow Adder is an application that you download from the internet. It can be downloaded for and used with Mac, PC, and Linux, so it’s a great option whatever you’re using as a desktop. The best thing about Follow Adder is that it features a user-friendly dashboard that has customizable features, including management settings for more than one Instagram profile at once. Streamline your Instagram strategy and make sure that you don’t fall behind with your online branding.

4. Jarvee


If you liked the sound of Follow Adder, then you’re going to want to check out Jarvee as well. Similar to Follow Adder, Jarvee is an application that you download from the internet that comes with an interactive dashboard. This dashboard is your hub for all things Instagram worthy, including engaging with others, managing multiple accounts, and building the ultimate Instagram strategy.

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Jarvee is a little more advanced than Follow Adder so we recommend checking out their video tutorials on the website that can help you get going initially. Once you’ve got the hang of things, however, you’re going to find this Instagram account manager great for things like managing more than one account at the same time.

5. Canva


Similar to Stellation Media, Canva is all about that balance between strategy and creativity. They want to be your go-to Instagram company for your strategy and engagement plan, but they also want to help you make beautiful content along the way.

When you’re managing more than one account on Instagram, it can be challenging to keep up the creativity, especially if you’re working with multiple layouts. Canva is a free graphic design company that provides you with a database of over one million graphics, photographs, and fonts to play with.

One of the best things about Canva is that it’s incredibly simple to create an amazing Instagram post – you definitely don’t need any prior design skills to know how to use it to your advantage. You can easily search their database for the right templates to go with your personal strategy, or you can even create templates from scratch using their accessible online software. The best part is that you can save any templates that you create so that you can use them again and again.

If you choose to go for Canva premium, you can keep your brand consistent by selecting the same color palette every time, as well as choose default fonts – and you can even upload and integrate your brand’s logo.

6. Hopper HQ


Posting and scheduling content can be one of the most time-consuming parts of managing a brand on Instagram and as a result being in charge of many different accounts. There are many Instagram scheduling tools out there on the market, but very few of them can actually automatically post your content to your Instagram without you having to do anything.

Hopper HQ is the answer you’re looking for if you find this to be an issue. They can automatically post your scheduled content to your Instagram without using annoying push notifications or reminders. They truly do the work for you so you can put your energy into other parts of your business.

We love Hopper HQ’s prices, starting at just $19 a month for managing and uploading to one account – and it’s even cheaper if you sign up for an annual subscription.

7. Be Social Online


Be Social Online is a surprisingly simple tool that can help you manage different aspects of your Instagram that other companies can’t, like your direct messages and comments. They have a user-friendly interface, and if you’re familiar with YouTube, it’s similar to the comment section on YouTube. When you click reply to a message, a box will come up for you to start typing.

Once you’ve started typing your message, it will automatically add the username of the Instagrammer that you’re trying to talk to, along with all your emojis too.

Organizing your messages and comments is easy with a company like Be Social Online. You can even filter your messages through things like keywords and account. You will also be able to see messages that you’ve already read labeled as such, so you don’t have to go through messages a second time. The only thing that we would say against this service is that you can’t filter to find new messages – you would need to pin important messages at the top.

You can also publish posts through Be Social Online, similar to how you would on Hopper HQ. Although we find the interface to be a bit on the simple side and missing a few fundamental features, it definitely makes scheduling your posts ahead of time easy.

We also like the ‘coming soon’ feature on offer with Be Social Online. One thing we would note when considering a company like this is that they do need a proxy to access your account. This means that they need to be able to log in to your account from another location in the world to have access to all of your comments. If you’re using multiple automation tools at once that do this, then you need to be aware that Instagram could suspend your account as a result.

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We’re pleased to see that you can get going with Be Social from just $5 a month for every account, and if you get them to manage more than one account, it gets cheaper.

8. Command App


You probably know by now that analyzing and getting feedback on the performance of your Instagram and the engagement on it is essential to creating a large following. If you’re really serious about your Instagram, then we strongly recommend you try Command App.
We love that Command App gives you a nice comprehensive look at how your account has been performing. Even with their free subscription, you can still see how many comments and likes you’re getting on each post over a period of time. You can also access the best time to post, as well as your most popular posts and which ones have gained you the most followers.

The Command App even has grades for your Instagram account, which is helpful at identifying areas where you can improve. It covers everything from your engagement rate to how frequently you post and what your follow count is at any given time. Additionally, Command App comes with powerful research tools that can really help your Instagram account to get off the ground.

The Command App is great for managing more than one account because it allows you to make collages of both your best and your worst content. One setback of this Instagram app is that it’s only available on iPhone, and while it does have a free service on offer, the features that come with this are pretty simple. If you want to increase your free service to premium, you’re looking at paying $10 per month, which is still incredibly affordable when compared with other companies out there.

9. FanBump


As we mentioned earlier, organically managing more than one Instagram account by yourself is near impossible these days. FanBump calls themselves the fastest and safest Instagram management tool out there, which means they can effortlessly help you manage more than one Instagram account at the same time without even breaking a sweat.

Fan Bump helps you to really define your target audience so that they can approach them for you – and they can do this more than once. When they’ve started engaging with your target audience across multiple different Instagram pages for you, you can watch your brand expand further on the social media giant while you focus on other parts of the brand off Instagram.

Maintain Consistent Content

We’ve got to say that even when you’re getting help from the best, keeping it consistent with that content is key to building up a following on Instagram. Brands are always creating new pages on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but the trouble starts when they have to remain consistent. Big brands that just don’t have the time to create amazing content every day are going to quickly drop off the Instagram radar and be replaced by someone who is doing this.

When you’re managing multiple accounts on Instagram, the thought of having to keep up with stellar content on top of this is probably overwhelming. That’s why it’s smart to recruit the help of companies as we’ve listed above – that way, you can start focusing on keeping it consistent with your awesome content.

Focus on Analytics

One more thing before we go – as well as keeping the content regular, don’t forget to use those analytics to your advantage.

Luckily most if not all of the companies on our list rely heavily on analytics to build up your multiple Instagram accounts. It couldn’t hurt to do some of the work on your end so that you can work together to create the very best Instagram brand out there.

Without analytics, you simply have no way of knowing where to take your strategy and who to put it in front of. Your Instagram profile is nothing without its analytics, so be sure to keep these close by.

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